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WWE SmackDown Vs Raw 2010 Review

Laying the smack in a downward direction once again

Well, it took a while, but the WWE Smackdown Vs Raw series on the Wii is now more or less as fully-featured as its HD counterparts on other systems. The 2008 version was an atrociously cut-down version of the game that was an embarrassment to the Wii. The 2009 instalment was much-improved but was still missing a few fun features (like create-a-finisher) and still had annoying, tacked-on motion controls. Third time's the charm however and this time developer Yuke's has managed to cram almost everything found on the 360 and PS3 versions of the game into the Wii one, while removing the unnecessary motion controls in the process.

The most enjoyable aspect of SvR 2010 is the sheer amount of customisation available. As ever, you're able to create new superstars entirely from scratch, as well as customising their entrances and their entire moves list. As well as this, for the first time on the Wii you can also create your own finishing move for your wrestler by piecing together different animations, giving a truly unique way of ending each match.

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A Tale Of Two Suplexes

That's only the beginning though. By far the most impressive new feature in the game is a Create-A-Storyline mode. Here you can make your own WWE plots that take place over a number of weeks, then play through the whole storyline when you're done. This is a surprisingly in-depth editor, allowing you to choose from a huge selection of pre-set animations, choose which characters are involved in each scene, and even type in the text that appears on the screen.

You're not even restricted to the in-game wrestlers either. If you want to create a storyline using characters you've created yourself you can do that too. This literally gives you unlimited storyline possibilities.

The only real downer is that there's no option to send created storylines to friends online or download stories created by others, as that would have given the game unlimited lifespan. As it is, if you want to play anyone else's storyline you'll need to have them create it on your own Wii, which is fine for anyone with a wrestling-mad mate but obviously not ideal.

This is only the new stuff, of course. There's still a whole host of features and gameplay modes returning from last year's game, such as the fantastic Road To Wrestlemania storylines, the lengthy Career mode and a load of different match types. If you're a WWE fan and you've been disappointed at the treatment of wrestling games on the Wii, this is the game you've been waiting for.

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