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Pokémon Rumble Review

Let's get ready to...

There's always a sense of worry every time a Pokémon spin-off is released, especially one that promises to take the series in a new direction. This is the case with Pokémon Rumble for WiiWare, which takes everyone's favourite cuddly critters and sticks hundreds of them into a big arena to have a ruthless fight to the death. It's not quite the turn-based gameplay that Pokémon gamers will be used to, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Starting with a lowly Rattata, you quickly find yourself thrust into a huge battle royale with loads of larger Pokémon and you'll be given a sound kicking. You then have to travel the land, finding more Pokémon to recruit in your army so eventually you can live your Rattata's dream of winning one of the battles with bigger and stronger Pokémon.

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You recruit Pokémon by defeating them in battle but don't expect methodical, chess-like turn-based battles. Instead the action's all in real-time, and you have to get stuck in with proper attacks. If you defeat a Pokémon there's a chance it'll join your team, at which point it'll become playable. The idea is to keep defeating Pokémon that are slightly more powerful than you, building your army up until you can defeat Legendary Pokémon.

Your Pokémon starts with one lowly standard attack, but as you collect coins in battles you can buy new ones. However, each of your Pokémon only has a maximum of two moves, so if you buy a third you need to replace one of the existing ones. This makes it important to manage your army, so that certain Pokémon excel in certain types of combat. For example, you might want to let your Machop get stuck into close battles, while giving your Pikachu long-range lightning attacks.

Pokémon Rumble is a fun fighting game but it's not without its flaws. There are only six main levels in the game, so in order to build your army there's a lot of repetitive ploughing through the same areas over and over. While there are plenty of Pokémon to collect, you won't find the complete Pokédex here. Instead, only every 'mon from the first and fourth generations can be found so you've got 257 to play with rather than the full 493. You like Mudkips? Tough, they're not in it.

For 1500 Points, Pokémon Rumble is fairly steep. If you're a Pokémon fan who wants to try something different though, it's well worth a look because the action is fun and catching 'em all (even if you can't catch all 493) is as compelling as it ever was.


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  1. Nintendo Boy Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 12:31

    I did download the demo yesterday, and i found it a good game. Although the graphics are very basic, and in my opinion, NOT worth 1500 points. It's still a nice idea though.

  2. ploiper Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 12:39

    im finding it a very fun game so far, got myself a decent team at the moment.

  3. hardcoregamerrob Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 12:54

    thats a shocker wasn't expecting such a high score for this game when i downloaded the demo i just found it realllllly boring :?

  4. gamester Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 15:02

    I played the demo and tbh I found it a very good game which has been nicely made i thought the controls were easy to handle and had quite a nice effect overall.

  5. bowsermaster55 Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 15:20

    I just found the demo really easy... stupidly easy...
    anyway, i also got the demo of world of goo- EPIC! I might get it now...

  6. sciqueen Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 15:24

    I played the demo and found it okay, but just okay. You know it's going to get very boring very quickly. It's not worth that amount of points, no way.

  7. RockerRyan Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 15:25

    I paid the 1500 Wii points for this game. $15 in the USA. All you do is walk around and press button 2. The other Pokemon you "fight" all die in one hit. It's simply too easy/boring. The boss battles require a few more hits. It's really nothing special. I was regretting buying this game 10 minutes after getting it. I played through many rounds so far and nothing has changed. I'm a huge Pokemon fan but I feel ripped off. Do yourself a favor and play the demo first. It's nothing but that on repeat. :?

  8. Alexpkmn1324 Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 16:03

    my name even has pkmn which stands for pokemon, anyway i feel like i wasted LOADS of wiipoints because it lacks in emotions, it doesn't make you feel any different so you dont go wow and it is extremely boring. :roll:

  9. darkandy666 Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 16:06

    this was rated to highly i mean i downloaded the demo my friend got it for me as a gift for my b-day its pretty much the demo 9 times over with different pokemon i mean toys witch is very repetitive no online it would give this a 38% at least and im a pokemon fan

  10. emperor ing Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 16:08

    Could have been a bit better if the had included all Pokemon. Nice fair review though guys. May download the demo.

  11. chill 669 Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 16:49

    the demo very fun might get bit on the high points side

  12. sciqueen Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 17:30

    I don't know why it has such a dramatic title as "Pokemon Rumble". It's more like "...*zap*...*scratch*...*slap*...yawn*"

  13. starfox1994 Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 17:56

    I'd get this, but I'm not paying 14 quid for 2000 wii points so i can buy it. (you can't get 1500 on a credit card)

  14. Wongaman Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 19:33

    I agree with the review. It's good, but it needs a bit more variety in the different areas.

  15. clarkie123 Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 20:42

    Downloaded the demo and thought it was pretty boring to be honest. Certainly not worth 1500points for the full version buy the look of it.

  16. Cyberguy Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 21:29

    Had a go at the demo and I loved it!

    Now to get Wii points for Christmas!

  17. HNF1 Thursday 26th Nov 2009 at 21:45

    Cool. Sounds like there's mixed reviews but, although it's expensive for a WiiWare game, it's still pretty cheap (around Ł11). ONM seem to have given a pretty accurate score-line really, the game sounds like it might be quite fun for a while. I'll download the demo and see for myself though before i judge this game.

    Then i may download it with my new debit card linked to my EMA account! EPIC!

  18. MARION64WII Friday 27th Nov 2009 at 10:04

    NOOOOOO :evil: not another poke'mon game, i've had enough of them i haven't played a poke'mon game since emerald, they repeat the style, it's nearly impossible to catch em all without the use of a once in a lifetime event to catch someting like deoxys (or however you spell it) or jirachi,there two easy and there only aimed at people under 12. just because this has a different fomula dosen't mean it's going to change the world of poke'mon. Come on ONM even you must think your to old or bored of playing poke'mon games now :? . i may give the demo a go but im doing this as my last poke'mon game for good and no way i'm paying 1500 points for the real version, far to expensive :evil: .

  19. Comic-Geek-Tom Friday 27th Nov 2009 at 20:17

    this may be my first wii ware download. its not that it looks the best but just that i have to start somewhere & i'm going to go on a spending spree

    looks like a fun little game which could become frustratingly addictive

    EDIT: downloaded the demo & while it was fun it didn't hook me enough to spend that much on the game. its a bit too repetitive & button-bashy. also with getting replacements so quickly & often and few improvements of your old pokemon you don't bond & form a team like the main 'mon games so its lost some of the appeal for me

  20. Wariopunk Saturday 28th Nov 2009 at 09:07

    I downloaded the demo and i must say its a pretty awesome game. i'm gonig to get it soon but i wish the price was lower. say 1,000 points.

  21. Blenkin66 Sunday 29th Nov 2009 at 15:01

    played the demo
    loved it then brought the real thing
    it is a good game but does get a bit boring
    in the review they say you just go through the same level over and over, although really you go through the level over and over but there are different pokemon in it each time!!!

  22. Red-Wolf Sunday 29th Nov 2009 at 18:03

    The flaws are only the same as in the main games, so they're not really a big deal. This sounds cool. Think I'll give it a go when I get some Wii Points.

  23. oracion666 Monday 30th Nov 2009 at 20:52

    Its..ok I guess,

    I downloaded the demo version of it, and I found it quite exciting at first, but it gets really boring after a while >.> It has it's highpoints, such as realtime battles, that made it fun, but not being able to play with all 493 was a bit of a bummer, and the price is far to high!

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