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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Review

How does it compare to the DS original?

We enjoy the Ace Attorney games on DS but until now Wii owners have been missing out on all the fun. That's now changed as the first of these games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, is now available on WiiWare.

This is a straight port of the DS game which introduces Phoenix Wright, a young and inexperienced attorney who's still learning the ropes in the courtroom.

It is more or less exactly the same as the DS game. Yes, you can point the Remote to shout Objection but you have to do it forcefully and it doesn't really improve the gameplay.

As with the DS game, there are many hours of entertaining legal drama to be enjoyed here, with plenty of investigative work to be carried out and the script that's packed with jokes. So if you've never played the DS game, you're in for a treat.

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However, the graphics haven't been upgraded here so you're essentially playing a DS game on your telly. What's more, the final case - Rise From The Ashes - isn't even included in the game and is only available as a downloadable extra for another 100 Points. That's just a bit tight because a fifth of the DS original is being kept from gamers until they pay up.

Phoenix Wright is an enjoyable adventure, albeit a very linear one. It's a bit galling that Capcom hasn't really enhanced this Wii version at all but for only 1100 Points (with the extra downloadable episode), it's a good introduction to the series for Wii owners.

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