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Pokémon Black and White: What we know

28/06/10 update: All the 5th generation facts

The first we heard about Pokémon Black and White was on 29 January when it was announced that the next generation of Pokémon games would be released on DS in Japan this year. Then a week later the speculation really began as a silhouette of Zoroark was revealed. Then came the pictures of the first two monsters of the fifth generation but still we knew nothing about the games until the news broke that they would be called Pokémon Black and White. Then came the first official screenshots followed by the video. Now we know that we'll have to wait until next year for Black and White to be released in the UK. Talk about dragging things out!

We know what you'd like to see in Pokémon Black and White but here we are just going to stick to the facts. It will be updated as we learn more...

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The Name

The Pokémon Company revealed the name of the game on 9 April, getting in there before the Pokémon Sunday TV show revealed the first details. Called Pokémon Black and White, it sees Pokémon returning to colours (yes, we know that black and white aren't technically colours) for the first time since the first generation (Red, Blue and Yellow) were released in the late 90s. Since then the games have been named after minerals, metals and molluscs!

The Games

Release Date

Pokémon Black and White will be released in Japan on 18 September 2010 and we'll have to wait until Spring 2011 for them to released in the UK, just as we predicted. To be honest it wasn't hard to predict. The Pokémon games are huge and feature plenty of dialogue so we usually have to wait a while for them to be translated for Europe. For example, HeartGold and SoulSilver came out in Japan in September 2009 but were only released in the UK in March 2010.

Enhanced Visuals

Junichi Musada, Director at the Pokémon Company did say it will feature enhanced visuals and as we can see from the first screenshots and the first gameplay video below, he was right. The 3D visuals look much improved and we can now see more of your Pokémon in the battle scenes.

Also, as revealed in the Starter battle gameplay video, the Pokémon move in battle and the attack animations are much improved.

New Features

As with any new Pokémon games we can expect new features. Coro Coro magazine reveals that there is now a shop in the Pokemon Center and that there will be a vehicle that you can ride in the game. Judging by what Junichi Masuda and Shigeki Morimoto told us recently, we wouldn't expect a complete revamp. Morimoto said "I think the games need something familiar combined with new elements." while Masuda's philosophy is to "create a game that anybody, including those who have never played before, can enjoy."

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