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Pokémon Black & White Starters: Your Say!

Your opinion on Tsutaja, Pokabu and Mijumaru...

Tsutaja, Pokabu and Mijumaru are the names on every Pokémon fan's lips at the moment. The three Black & White Starters were unveiled last week and they are the subject of much discussion. In fact, people were even giving their opinions of them when they were just silhouettes with Argetlam commenting "I'm worried as they seem EXTREMELY similar to previous generation starters, with bits copied and pasted from different sources!"

However, when the Tsutaja, Pokabu and Mijumaru were finally revealed, the reaction was (mostly) positive as fans began discussing which Pokémon they'd choose. As we revealed earlier, Tsutaja appears to be the most popular Pokémon at the moment but many of you are passionate about Pokabu and a few more have stood up in defence of Mijumaru.

Of course there are those who won't decide until they've got the games in their hands while others don't like any of them. Miseries! Read on to find out what your fellow gamers are saying about the Starters.

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We picked the Grass Snake Pokémon as our favourite and it seems a lot of you agree. NintendoAllStar said "Tsutaja is my favourite because its design appeals to me. It shares similarities with Treecko, which I also thought was a pretty good but its form is pretty interesting, especially the head. It's a strange choice to make it a snake with limbs. Then again Snakes began with limbs and evolved into limbless creatures. By having Tsutaja begin with arms and legs in fact would be staying true to the evolutionary process of the animal it's based upon."

Yes, it's only just been revealed but already people are talking about Tsutaja's evolution! "I just fear that Tsutaja's evolutions will become ugly snakes like Seviper or Arbok," said colgax. "If it happens, I'll just keep it without evolving it!"

nintendorulz didn't analyse it quite as much, simply saying "I think they all great. But my fave is that awesome grass snake."

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While there are loads of Pokémon that are totally original, others such as Psyduck are inspired animals but manage to retain a look of their own. But some just look exactly like the animal they're based on. They don't even attempt to hide it. Wailord - that's a whale. Sharpedo is a shark and no one has ever wondered what a Noctowl is meant to be. Pokabu falls into this category. He may as well have been called Pigmon Pikachuuu agrees but will still be picking it nevertheless. "Pokabu ftw! Seriously they need to get some new ideas though. I mean, a pig? It looks exactly like a pig. They could've altered it a bit to make it look different. I will definitely be choosing Pokabu!"

Robbie Keane (presumably not the Spurs striker) is also planning on picking the fire pig. "It's a Fire Pig for crying out loud! You can't get any awesomer than that!"

Kirby711 thinks Pokabu is so good that it has made him break from tradition: "I usually start with Water, put this time probably Fire. Fire pigs are awesome - Maybe there will be a flying pig next."

Dark Lucario usually picks Fire types and sees no reason to change now. "I'm probably gonna go for Pokabu. I've gone for the Fire type starter since Pokémon Ruby."

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