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Brunswick Pro Bowling Review

What a load of balls...

Bowling is probably the most complete game in Wii Sports. Tennis is brilliant but you can't play a singles match, let alone a full set, golf is only nine holes, baseball just the three innings and boxing just a bit stupid. At least in bowling you can have a full game so Brunswick Pro Bowling needs to do something pretty special to persuade you to part with £30 when you can just play a decent game for free. It doesn't.

Unbelievably, despite charging £30 for a game of bowling, it is worse than the free game that comes with the Wii and that is criminal. You can almost tell it's going to be rubbish the moment you start messing around with your character. Of course in Wii Sports you can play with your Mii but the character creation mode here is so limited it will be very difficult to find a character who looks like you. Unless you have a bowl cut or a centre parting that would have looked ridiculous in the early 1990s.

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Then, when you take to the lanes, it gets even worse. If we were developing a bowling agme we'd rip the control system straight from Wii Sports but Pro Bowling over-complicates things as you are required to hold B and twist the Remote left and right to move left and right before moving your aim with the D-pad. Then when you come to bowl you have to hold the Remote upright, press B to set yourself and then swing back and forth to bowl. Or do you?

See we found that even if you pull back and leave it your bowler will take a shot anyway and no matter what you do your bowler seems to put an impossible amount of swerve on the ball. This means that if you are right-handed you have to aim far to the right to make it hit the head pin and even if it looks like the ball is going to hit it will occasionally bend at the last minute, making it really tricky when you've just got one pin to hit. Even if David Beckham had a pair of Adidas Predator mittens he wouldn't be able to bend the ball like this.

Add that to some truly abysmal animations when you get a spare, strike or gutter ball and you've got a game that's right down there with the Wii's worst.


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