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Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe Review

Will our hero be able to come back form this?

Foe. Definitely foe. If you were to see this game strutting cockily down the street, you'd rugby tackle it in the midriff and TAKE IT DOWN! For it is undoubtedly the enemy and has no reason to be cocky. No reason at all. Actually that's not quite true - it sounds all right, with some vaguely amusing vocal touches brightening things up. But while the initial idea of partnering Spider-Man with a galaxy of villains to fight a new evil is a good one, the game could really be about flowerpot men swatting away greenflies all day long. It really is that bland.

As usual, there's a new evil mastermind on the loose with designs on world domination but the hook this time is that fragments of a meteorite are being used to brainwash supercrooks. It's your job to turn them to your cause.

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But after barely more than a couple of seconds' play, you'll have formed a good idea of what to expect: turgid button mashing primarily, with a bit of jumping around. And there are lots of bridges too - presumably so that your partner can be put to work activating switches rather than getting in your way.


Not that throwing your characters in harm's way is especially dangerous, as you can't die. That's right - you play a game which pits you against a number of super-powerful, arachnophobic nutcases, bent on squishing you into the ground, and yet the worst that'll happen to you is you lose a few of the tokens you collect through the game as you get brought straight back to life.

Those tokens are supposed to be traded for upgrades to your characters' powers once you get back aboard your helicarrier HQ - but when you can smash your way through entire levels without stabbing anything other than A (the common-or-garden punch), what's the point? The same can be said of the levels. You're meant to be travelling the world to rid it of danger, visiting such exotic locations as Tokyo and Nepal, and yet the only indication of your location is some token foreign wording on those bloomin' bridges.

If you can believe it, this is possibly even worse than the diabolical Spider-Man 3. It's time someone cut the beleaguered crime-fighter some slack.


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