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Dewy's Adventure Review

Konami pours on the difficulty for its watery platform adventure

We'll be the first to admit that the Wii needs more games with a harder, almost adult edge to them but sometimes there's nothing wrong with giving in to the world of cute.

True, we don't often have a choice, if only because many of Nintendo's own titles, usually the best games going for whichever Nintendo console you happen to own, lean towards being family friendly. But still, enjoying a healthy slice of brightly coloured gaming every once in a while doesn't make you weak. You only have to ask the hordes of gamers who prefer Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker's cel-shaded loveliness over the bleak realism of Twilight Princess to see how many people agree with us.

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Ice, Ice Baby

And so we put it to you that despite appearing to be a blinding blitzkrieg of animated rainbows projected straight from the mind of an ADD-suffering, sugar addicted seven-year-old, liking Dewy's Adventure is actually okay. Really, it is. That might be less to do with the cutesy stylings, however, and more to do with the fact that it's a much more devious and challenging videogame than you might initially have been lead to believe. So much so, in fact, that we feel sorry for all the younger gamers out there who are going to have it bought for them. Given the number of times we've cursed Dewy's name while we played the game, it's likely there will be more than a few tears before bedtime over the difficulty of this one.

Not that it's ridiculously unfair, of course. It's just that the delicate response-based gameplay requires constant concentration in order for players to proceed. One false slip, one slight miscalculation in timing and you'll see Dewy plummet to his doom off one of the game's many levels.

Thankfully, we're not talking Mercury Meltdown's hair-tearing infuriation here - there's plenty of leniency in Dewy's movement as you tip, tilt and twist the Wii Remote to send him sliding across the levels. But with a significant amount of the game spent jumping between platforms and negotiating narrow walkways with no barriers, it's still far from easy. A good thing for those of us who like our games challenging as well as fun, a bad thing for those fooled by the cheeriness of it all that they're in for a cake walk.

While it becomes apparent fairly early on in Dewy's quest that the difficulty is the main obstacle you need to overcome though, that doesn't mean it's the only one. The game's physics, for instance - something that is hugely important given the nature of the gameplay - could have done with a bit of tweaking in places, with Dewy occasionally seeming to bounce off enemies and fly straight into the abyss for no good reason.

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The same goes for the camera which, for some inexplicable reason during the main story mode, is fixed in place and leaves you slightly unsure of Dewy's safety when it comes to landing jumps perfectly or ducking behind scenery. They're far from major gripes, but they still prove annoying at the most inopportune of times.

A Bolt From The Blue

However, the positives of Dewy's Adventure - specifically, that of a hugely charming game that's also tricky enough to keep you playing long after you should have stopped - far outweigh the minor negatives and even help us overlook the multiplayer mode that, if we're honest, isn't any fun whatsoever. Stick

to the single player Story mode though and, providing you take the time to milk it for every drop of enjoyment, you'll be grinning from now until Christmas.


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