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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Review

Can Tiger claim the "king of the swingers" crown on the wii?

Apart from fishing titles, we can't think of a genre of game better suited to the Wii Remote than golf. Until someone comes up with Fetch!: Now Give Me the Stick, There's a Good Dog for the Wii, the movement of a golf club is the motion in sports games that can most easily be replicated on the Remote. A hockey stick doesn't move in one plane, and neither do footballers' legs.

Sultan Of Swing

It's only about six months since Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 came out on the Wii, and as you can imagine, there simply hasn't been enough time to make this latest version substantially different. There have been tweaks put in place here and there, all of which improve the game, but the game's core concept of hitting a small ball with a big metal stick still doesn't translate as perfectly to the Remote as we'd like.

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The problem is, the Remote doesn't offer quite the sensitivity needed to deftly lob a shot onto the green at, say, 70% power. You can pummel the ball at over 100% power all day long (it's much easier to squeeze extra powerful shots from your golfer), but when there's a bit more variation and subtlety required, you're better off using the analogue stick.

Sultan Of Swing

Elsewhere, putting, the major bugbear from the last game has been improved by the addition of a timed, single use preview shot, which lets you see how your stroke will end up. The case for using the analogue stick here is even more pressing, mind, as you'll all too easily end up lumping the ball clean off the green when you swish the Remote. When you do use the analogue stick, it soon becomes apparent that it's all a little on the easy side, and you'll be sinking birdies left right and centre.

The big minus is the lack of any online functionality whatsoever - so there's no online multiplayer, nor is there the option to upload clips of your play to EA's GamerNet (as there is in other consoles' versions). And the brilliantly terrifying Game Face, which sees you almost literally put into the game, is nowhere to be seen. Still, this is fundamentally a decent enough game, and a definite, if small, step on from Tiger 07.


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  1. Anonymous Wednesday 23rd Jan 2008 at 10:55

    Where's the mention of the poorly implemented menu system? Instead of just using the A button to select options, you are required to use the + and - buttons to navigate pages, and use the d-pad to change values (?!!). Terrible and un-friendly menu's spoil what is otherwise a sound Golf game. Also, where are the crowd? You hear cheers and claps, but they are no-where to be seen. I thought those days were long gone. Hopefully these will be worked on for '09'.

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