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Spider-Man 3 Review

All the web-slinging in the world can't save this one

So, a few disclaimers before we begin. We should point out that we're huge Spider-Man fans... but we're not going to pick holes because of fanboy-esque rants. We're also highly experienced in the ways of movie-to-videogame license tie-ins, but we won't make a single complaint in that direction. Instead, we'll ask one simple question: is it worth £40? Good God, no.

Surprisingly, it's the game's use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk that comes off best. It's not the intuitive approach we were expecting but swinging through New York is still pretty cool.

Sadly though, this one good point is drowned in a torrent of failings. From the barren streets of New York and the embarrassment of trees and terrible water-effect lakes that is Central Park, to the undetailed buildings and animation that's all over the place, it really is a visual mess. And don't get us started on the sub-PSone cut-scenes.

Come Into My Parlour

It gets worse though. While the Wii-implemented controls aren't that bad, the awful glitchiness of Spider-Man's overall movement - particularly when climbing walls, using his Web Zip to get around and swinging near buildings or other obstacles - is unforgivable. The missions, as dull as they are and, in many cases, incredibly annoying and frustrating, do nothing to create the kind of excitement you'd expect from a superhero action game. Even the movie-related boss battles are rubbish because they feel stuck on and not woven into the game experience at all.

For a title that is guaranteed to sell hundreds of thousands, this is a shambles that all involved should be ashamed of. It smacks of a rush job that's been bunged out to coincide with the film's release, though whether it could have been fixed with more time is debatable. Despite all its failings though, it'll fly straight to the top of the charts and make Activision very rich indeed. Disgraceful.


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  1. SM3DL2 Thursday 8th Nov 2012 at 22:00

    Yay! First comment! :D

    41%? Brilliant movie, rubbish game.

    Sort of describes all movie-tie ins...

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