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Bust-A-Move Review

The 100th version of the bubble shooter! Probably

Do you know how many consoles have a Bust-A-Move games on them? We don't. We can't even begin to guess. Every system we can think of from the PlayStation to the 3DO has played host to a Bust-A-Move title at some point in its life, and now it's the turn of the Wii.

The standard Puzzle mode here is the same as it's always been: select a character then fire coloured bubbles at a big bubble cluster to try and match up three of the same colour in order to make them burst and disappear.

The main difference is that whereas in most other versions of the game you fired the bubbles by pressing left and right to angle your cannon and line up your shots accurately, in this Wii game you simply point at the screen with the Remote and press A. This removes a lot of the skill factor and makes it substantially easier than other versions.

The only new addition of note is an eight-player multiplayer game, which allows you and up to seven mates (or CPU drones) to play simultaneously on the same huge playing field, with players five to eight using Nunchuk controllers. This brings up two problems, though. Firstly, the players with Nunchuks are at a huge disadvantage, because turning the controller left and right to turn the cannon is nowhere near as accurate as the Remote method; and secondly, because there's so much going on your brain may well turn to jelly as you try to keep up.


So, let's cut to the chase: is this worth buying if you already own a Bust-A-Move game? Not really. Not at 40 quid. The new control system and eye-meltingly confusing multiplayer mode aren't enough to justify splashing out for a game you've probably played countless times before. Games like this should be Virtual Console downloads or part of a budget multipack, but full price is just too much to ask. They must think we live in a bubble or something.


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