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Metal Slug Anthology Review

Seven episodes of old-school 2D sprite murder

Do old-school games like this belong on the Wii? Should the Metal Slug games have been offered as Virtual Console downloads instead? This isn't what the Remote is about, right? These questions are going to divide gamers when it comes to Metal Slug Anthology. But just to make it clear, we're on the side that says 'it's awesome!'.

If you've never played Metal Slug, it's an insane 2D scrolling shooting series that started life in the arcades. We may complain about old games that have been lazily rehashed for a speedy Wii release but this is different. For a start, this anthology contains all seven games in the series, including Metal Slug 6 which is brand new. Secondly, this is one of the best 2D shoot 'em ups ever made. As you run from left to right, enemies rush onto the screen by the dozen and you waste them, lobbing grenades and shooting wildly while avoiding incoming fire.

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There are bullets everywhere, explosions rock the screen, cartoon guts are flying, tanks, helicopters and fighter jets are blazing missiles all over the place... and that's just the beginning. In later games the military dudes bust out giant airships, towers of death and huge, electricity-spewing contraptions that will end you. Oh, and if you get hit just once you're dead. That's hardcore.

Tanks For The Memory

This is a ludicrously tooled-up game. You've got rapid-fire machine guns, rocket launchers, bomb guns, explosive flame throwers and tank-wrecking grenades. Meaty sound effects and amusing death animations make every last second as satisfying as can be.

The reason we haven't mentioned the controls is because they're not important here. There are some twisty, tilty control options but they're rubbish. For a game as hectic as this you need old-school buttons, and with GameCube, Classic Controller and Remote configurations, that's exactly how you'll play it.

We'll admit that the games are a little samey - the concept of running sideways and shooting until your finger falls off never changes. But this is a top shooting series and the seven games will keep you busy for ages.


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  1. Xenobladeperson Sunday 27th May 2012 at 13:39

    Won't get it, but there should be more stuff like this.

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