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The Godfather: Blackhand Edition Review

Nintendo games are for kids? Don't be Sicily

In the few months since the Wii's arrival, the number of games that have been ported from other consoles and modified for use with the Wii Remote is already well into double figures. Of all these games, The Godfather is the best conversion so far, with the sort of Remote controls that rival those in titles developed by Nintendo itself.

When you're fighting, the Nunchuk and Remote act as your left and right hands. Jabs are thrown by pushing each hand forward, and you can hook your opponents by swinging your arms round. It's extremely accurate, and flexible enough for you to swing as if you were in a real fight (unlike Wii Sports Boxing, for example, which doesn't register hooks, only jabs). You can also grab opponents by the collar and fling them about by flicking both controllers to the side, or shove them through a window or against a wall by pushing both controllers forward.

Show Some Respect

There are so many little details like this, and they all work perfectly. From turning the Remote to open doors to slamming your Nunchuk down while driving to honk the horn, to shooting someone in the kneecap by aiming with the Remote then pistol-whipping them while they're on the ground. Everything feels exactly like it should, and you genuinely feel more in the game.

As you may be able to tell, The Godfather - much like the film on which it's based - certainly isn't for children. It's gorier than most horror games, there are f-bombs all over the place, and the more interactive controls mean you really feel like you're actually blowing that scumbag's brains out at point blank range.

This is also the Blackhand Edition of the game, which basically means that some new missions have been added and the game is structured slightly differently from the PS2 version (even though it's very similar).

Our only major annoyance - and one that stopped this from entering Gold Award territory - is that the graphics are a direct port from the PS2 version. While there's no doubting The Godfather looks very nice, we know the Wii can do so much more than this and it seems a bit lazy to us. If only the graphics had been given the same care as the controls, then we'd be looking at an absolute must-have.


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