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Tesco slashes Nintendo 3DS price to £175 - Update

But you have to buy a game...

Tesco has cut the price of Nintendo 3DS to £175 if you buy a game with the console...

Games industry trade mag MCV reports that if you go to a Tesco store which is open at midnight tonight you'll be able to pick up a Nintendo 3DS for just £175. However, upon contacting Tesco we discovered that you'll have to buy a game in addition to the console to get it for £175. This would push the price up to over £200.

Also, this offer ends on 29 March at which point the price will go up to £245 with a game thrown in.

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Currently the cheapest place to buy a console is at Asda and Amazon. Yet, these offers are only online so if you've not yet pre-ordered, you might want to pay a visit to your local Tesco that's selling 3DS tonight.

Nintendo 3DS launches tonight at midnight. Are you going to pick one up or do you already have yours on pre-order? If so, has it been dispatched yet?

Want to know which game you should buy with your console? Here's our Super Street Fighter IV 3D review.

[ Source: MCV ]


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  1. lminett Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 10:27

    Not a bad deal, but ive already got mine in the post as we speak so its a bit late to be getting this deal

  2. Jay_Magic Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 10:30

    Does the advert not also state that you have to buy a game too in order to purchase the 3DS for £175. Therefore even if the game was £35 it will still be £210.

  3. Jay_Magic Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 10:42

    Hi guys

    Just a little heads up for anyone that has yet to preorder theirs.

    Tesco Direct have reinstated their offer today to get the 3DS with a game for £197. The console of £197 but if you enter the code of TDX-KMAW at their checkout it will take it down to £187 and then you must wait for a voucher to be emailed to you to use for the £10 game.

    If you use to order the game it should track cashback at £3.03 and you will also get 400 clubcard points so you are getting about £7.03 "back". So, this takes the console to about £190 with a game.

  4. doydoy Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 11:04

    Awesome! Just have to find a Tesco that is open as well as having them in stock!

  5. Hylian_Grouch Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 11:27

    humph. i preordered mine yesterday with amazon. £217 including game. now i wish id just walked to the huge tesco down the road tonight instead! how much exactly does £175 and a game come to?

  6. andrea987 Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 12:32

    Got mine DELIVERED about 2 hours ago (preordered from The Hut), so too late for me, but I paid 186 for it, not a bad deal. Did anyone noticed that the top screen flicker when you move the console, especially if the 3d is on?

  7. imbusydoctorwho Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 13:37

    Not a bad deal but I'm still better with Toys R Us.
    A ad in the Sun says Asda got it for £197 so it's basically online only.

  8. rikmcfc Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 15:02

    you can get it online at asda for £202 with a game :)

  9. Doody Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 16:56

    Woo. Getting mine tomorrow from GAME for £220. Not amused.

  10. GoNinty Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 17:32

    I pre-ordered mine on and it was dispatched YESTERDAY! :D can't wait

  11. retrotoad Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 17:40

    Ordered from and it was dispatched today, so it should come tommorow.

  12. Bakerstudios Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 17:44

    Nah, I've pre ordered from With Pilotwings resort it doesn't work out that much cheaper, I didn't even have to pay for delivery. I might get it by about the end of the month, if I ordered in the first batch. Or you never know, I might get lucky and have it by MONDAY!!!! OMG!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  13. jgower Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 19:18

    ARGH! WHY DID I HAVE TO PREORDER MY 3DS WITH GAME?????? :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

  14. mariosmum Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 19:33

    My younger brother has already got his from Amazon today, but strangely mine didn't come. Oh well, my game will come before him.

  15. Waldy565 Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 19:45

    Why do tesco hide the hidden catches! whats the point?! it really annoying! :evil:

  16. Joe_Crow Thursday 24th Mar 2011 at 21:19

    Already ordered from Amazon. Only a few hours left! :o

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