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Your best Nintendo 3DS AR Card photos

Link beheads Luigi, Samus blasts a Metroid plus real dogs and Nintendogs meet

Judging by the pictures you've been posting on ONM's Facebook page you've had great fun messing around with the AR Cards that come with Nintendo 3DS.

Of course you can blast dragons, go fishing and shoot balls into holes with the AR Cards but it's the Star Cards that you've been messing around with.

There are six AR Cards packaged with Nintendo 3DS and in addition to the question mark card you've got Star Cards featuring Mario, Pikmin, Link, Samus Aran and Kirby. You just need to point your open Nintendo 3DS at these cards and the characters will pop up. Then you can take photos of them in various poses. You can also use the AR Cards in Nintendogs + Cats to snap photos of your virtual puppy.

Ever since Nintendo 3DS launched two weeks ago you've been sending us pictures of these Nintendo stars, your Miis and Nintendogs in amusing poses.

We've got Link beheading Luigi, Samus shooting a Metroid and real dogs meeting Nintendogs. Take a look and let us know which one is your favourite.

<b>Aaron Jinks</b> - Samus shoots down a Metroid
Aaron Jinks - Samus shoots down a Metroid
<b>Chris Cox</b> - Nice shot!
Chris Cox - Nice shot!
<b>Faisal Dean</b> - Miis love Oreos. Who doesn't?
Faisal Dean - Miis love Oreos. Who doesn't?
<b>Jamie Warner</b> - Poor Luigi!
Jamie Warner - Poor Luigi!
<b>Jamie Warner</b> - Pikmin find a new spaceship. Where's Olimar?
Jamie Warner - Pikmin find a new spaceship. Where's Olimar?
<b>Paul Craig</b> - ChrisONM Vs The Stig!
Paul Craig - ChrisONM Vs The Stig!
<b>Sarah George</b> - Sleep tight Mii
Sarah George - Sleep tight Mii
<b>Shelly Donlan</b> - Lucky (Nintendog) meets Sophie (real dog)
Shelly Donlan - Lucky (Nintendog) meets Sophie (real dog)
<b>Tom Carter</b> - Tom poses like his Mii
Tom Carter - Tom poses like his Mii
<b>Sue Bennett</b> - Jazz (Nintendog) meets Hugo (real dog)
Sue Bennett - Jazz (Nintendog) meets Hugo (real dog)
That's all for now. Which one was your favourite? We'll be back with another gallery of your pictures next Friday.

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