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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters Review

The addition of the Augusta National proves a Master stroke...

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters Wii review Maybe you don't give a hoot about the Masters - perhaps you think it a mite pompous of a golfing tournament to call itself something that's just marginally less ostentatious than "The Supergolf Tournament For The Awesome".

If so, you may be wondering why the appearance of Augusta National in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters is such a bona fide big deal. Quite simply, it's never appeared in another golf game, bar an obscure '80s Japanese PC title, and that only had a few holes - this is the first time its prestigious fairways have ever been entirely recreated in a game, even down to the placement of the azaleas. Augusta National's 'flower guy' helped out with that aspect of PGA Tour 12.

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It's around these 18 holes that the brand-new Road To The Masters career mode is based, as well as a Masters Moments mode that puts you in the golf shoes of famous players in some of their most career-defining moments.

Tiger gets his own series of events commemorating his four Masters wins. EA has rinsed as much content from the tournament as possible, but while the focus on Augusta might exhaust you, there's plenty else here (indeed the box proudly reminds us of the game's 23 other courses) to keep you occupied.

Club Class

Caddies are the major new introduction here. They'll suggest safe or aggressive shots, as well as offering up more general assurances. Your golf vocabulary will skyrocket as he wibbles on about "good lie" and "second cuts" and constantly forgives your wildly off-target balls.

The XP system of previous games is carried over here, with bonus points being awarded for landing the ball within the caddy's recommended area.

The swing itself is beautifully accurate, with difficulty modes ranging up to levels where it's actually possible for your swings to miss the ball. Putting remains tricky but never frustrating, leading to genuine punch-the-air moments on longer putts.

The extras come thick and fast here, too, with a bizarrely well-made and full-featured series of fun crazy golf courses, as well as frisbee golf and other party based golf mini-games for those who genuinely couldn't give a toss about US golfing's greatest tournament.

Some camera angle niggles can spoil things, however, like the dramatic black borders that fall into view on close shots occasionally obscuring the hole itself.

Otherwise you'll struggle to find fault with the sheer amount of content offered on not only Augusta, but on every other inch of this disc. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 is simply the best golf game on Wii.


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  1. willo3 Sunday 26th Jun 2011 at 10:33

    I have loved all the tiger woods games on the PS1 and 2 and i have also played on the PS3 version, i find it increasing frustrating that the Wii gameplay does not incorporate the pro controller, this was a big mistake they made with PES at the beginning when you could only play with the wiimote and the nunchuck(it just didn't work) and they quicky sorted this out reverting back to old school gameplay(except for the two players on the same team against the computer in league, cup and master league modes) when are the going to listen, some gamers just want to pick up and play old school mecanics of the new games so please EA sort this out and offer additional old school gameplay please.

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