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Wii Play Motion Review

Still waiting for a game to show what MotionPlus can really do?

Wii Play Motion review Of every single game we've reviewed, one game's score continues to be discussed. The 91% score we gave to Wii Play way back in issue 11 came at a time when the Wii was still a magical mystery box.

Wii Remotes were in scarce supply and party games were a novelty rather than a curse. The fact that Wii Play would not only furnish you with one of those Remotes, but also included a compilation of enjoyable mini-games to show off how it worked, made it well worth the £5 premium at the time - hence our score deeming it a must-have title.

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Fast-forward four and a half years and Nintendo's trying it again with Wii Play Motion - a £44.99 package that includes a £39.99 Wii Remote Plus and a bunch of mini-games - but this time the situation has changed and the rules are different.

Wii MotionPlus has been out for two years now so it's not as sought-after as the original Remote was at the time of Wii Play's release. We also don't need to learn how to use it - Wii Sports Resort already did a great job of teaching us. Most crucially, mini-game compilations have gone from being the talk of the town (Wii Sports, Rayman Raving Rabbids) to the scum of the earth in gamers' eyes. In short, Wii Play Motion is by no means the dead cert success that its predecessor was.

Gamer's Dozen

Wii Play Motion is a decent collection of 12 mini-games. And while 12 may not sound like a lot, eight of these have multiple stages, making them feel more like proper bite-sized games than generic snoozefests.

Each game is designed to use the provided Wii Remote Plus in a different way. Oddly, the first couple of games on offer are the weakest of the bunch. Cone Zone sees you holding the Remote upwards like a giant cone, balancing it while scoops of ice cream are slammed onto it. Similarly disappointing is Veggie Guardin', which is just another whack-a-mole game.

The remaining 10 offer more original ideas and some of more successful games have you skimming stones, jumping about in spring boots and wafting balloons.

However, of all the games included in Wii Play Motion, Trigger Twist is probably our favourite of the bunch. At first it seems annoyingly similar to the target shooting game in the original, but you're then told you can point the Remote off the screen to your left, your right, above or behind you, at which point the screen scrolls in that direction. The genius is that even though you're pointing the Remote away from your telly, you're still able to move the on-screen cursor as the MotionPlus sensors figure out where you're supposed to be pointing.

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Essentially, this means you have a 360-degree field of vision, and the accuracy of the cursor when you're pointing away from the screen is perfect. This is a great showcase of the Remote Plus's accuracy and shows just how it could easily be used in a full light gun shooter.

Spooky Search is another mini-game that makes clever use of MotionPlus, but this time the Remote's speaker gets in on the action too. You're informed that ghosts are loose in your house and it's your job to bring them back to the TV (where you can see them) and catch them in a trap. With Mii characters on the screen telling you where to point, you have to aim around your room, listening for ghosts on your radar. When you hear one, you need to hold the B button to catch it, then drag it back to your TV, where you struggle with it before eventually dropping it into a trap.

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