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Mario Kart: Double Dash is 'underrated'

Best game in the series? Many ONM forum members think so!

So we've seen karts gliding through the air and racing underwater in Mario Kart 3DS but that's nothing compared with the controversy stirred up when we first saw two characters sharing the same kart in Mario Kart Double Dash. We would argue that it really split opinion but judging by the reaction to the GameCube racer on the ONM forum, it seems that most of our readers loved it, with some going so far as to claim that it is the best Mario Kart game ever.

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In fact, when we asked ONM readers to list their favourite Mario Kart memories, many picked out the kart sharing gimmick as their number one. RobertK explained why it worked so well. "This is actually my favourite of all the Mario Kart games. Two players on each kart meant getting two items from each item box and that led to so much more mayhem and fun. I especially enjoyed the little animations of the characters swinging around and switching. It took real skill to pull off a two person powerslide and the amount of characters always meant you heard random noises all around the track. I love the Double Dash format and I wish that Nintendo would give it another go."

BlueSoup8 agrees, saying "Underrated game, I love the concept of teamwork on the game."

Double Double Good

You see, Double Dash added an extra dimension to the series. While it's always been a great multi-player game, this time it could also be a brilliant co-op game with two friends in the same kart. This often led to some heated arguments in Dark nemesis' house.

"I remember playing on the same Kart with my brother," he says. "We always agreed on the characters we chose and even the kart but we never agreed on when to use the items and there was always a fight about who should drive and who should throw items. Unforgettable memories. It's a shame there is no double dash co-op style option in the recent releases."

Loryuken is another who would like to see the return of two characters in one kart. "I also think that using two characters is better than using one and I really hope that's something they bring back in a future game in the series," she says.

In fact, toffeeman30 is the only poster who will admit that it does split opinion. "Double Dash always stirs up controversy. It's one of those love or hate games. It's either your favourite Mario Kart or your least favourite Mario Kart game. I have yet to find a person who's in the middle. My personal favourite is still Super Mario Kart on the SNES, but I still think that this is still one of the best games for the Cube."

Cracking Courses

To be honest, even if you weren't a fan of switching characters, Mario Kart Double Dash was still a fun and hectic racer packed with great tracks. You've listed some of your favourites.

cheatmaster30 says: "I absolutely loved Mushroom Bridge and City, DK Mountain, Bowser's Castle and Wario Colosseum. The items were pretty cool as well, and ones like the giant Bowser shells made the tracks absolutely chaotic."

In fact, some of the tracks are so good that Toastie wants to bring them back for Mario Kart 3DS. "I remember playing it round a friend's house and getting totally hooked. I was completely astonished when I unlocked the Special Cup. They need to bring back Wario Colosseum and Dino Dino Jungle!"

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24 comments so far...
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  1. linkgooding Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 14:50

    Two players would mean I coul have funky kong and diddy kong what a team fingers crossed for th ds game ps i loved the little jumpy thing you could do sideways to hit people it was ace

  2. scouserfuller9 Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 14:50

    Oh well. Life goes on.

  3. Porgey_XD Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 15:05

    Double Dash!! if not brought back completely should be a new game mode along side the traditional one :D

  4. giantchuchu Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 15:19

    It was the best game in the series.

  5. Super Andre Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 15:21

    I owned it about 6 years ago but sold it, but I'm going to buy it again because it's Fantastic. I also remember getting Mario Kart 64 for Christmas in the 90s, that was a better experience for me.

  6. BlueSoup8 Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 15:31

    Yay I got a mention! But yeah, Double Dash was amazing, fully deserved all of the popularity Mario Kart Wii got but to no avail.

  7. Chaos Zero Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 15:36

    Double Dash isn't the greatest Mario Kart game but it was certainly enjoyable. I loved the gimmick behind it and would love to see it incorporated again.

  8. Cyberguy Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 15:41

    They need to make a Double Dash sequel or remake, anything's good! DD is the best Mario Kart ever.

  9. lminett Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 16:12

    Double Dash had alot better tracks than the wii version, most of the tracks on the wii one were really boring.

  10. pokemaster Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 16:13

    This was my first mario kart. Loved the courses, and individual weapons but wasnt keen on the way the karts handled. Co-Op with the Wii U controller could be something special. Any suggestions on how it could be used in Co-Op?

  11. DarkBladeXIII Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 19:21

    awesome i got included!! this never happenes! but yeah everyone give a big "WOOP!" for the most insane Mario Kart ever!

  12. buxton55 Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 20:21

    if it wasn't for this game i'd have never bought a gamecube and id still be stuck with the rubbish sony consoles
    so yes it is underrated, i'd go as far as to say it IS the best in the series

  13. liveswired Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 20:40

    Completely agree with this article. Mario Kart Wii is rubbish compared to Double Dash.

    MKWii may have more content, online and 16:9 but MKDD easily beats in it graphics, track design, gameplay and multiplayer. Don't forget power ups - both focus on this aspect and DD has BY FAR the better offerings. :D

  14. JamieRIOT Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 20:45

    This is my joint favourite Mario Kart game along side Mario Kart DS. Double Dash is definitely the most underrated entry in the series in my opinion though.

  15. ram001 Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 20:52

    Maio Kart 3D should hav a double dash mode

  16. CDS Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 at 21:04

    I would rather have this remade with the features from the latest versions added on than the 3DS version being made now. Yes, the 3DS version has Gliding and Underwater sections, with coins returning and Kart Customisation. But what about two characters in a kart? What about the brilliant battle modes left out of newer versions? What about the special items?
    Mario Kart: Double Dash is the best, but most under-rated game of the series.

  17. Kirby8 Thursday 21st Jul 2011 at 03:26

    Definitely one of the best!!! And definitely underrated! They should make a sequel!!

  18. LBDNytetrayn Thursday 21st Jul 2011 at 05:11

    Dang, I missed out on this discussion.

    Double Dash!! was cool. One of my favorite parts was the character-specific weapons. I'd much rather have those than junk like the Blue Shell.

    Beyond that, I think it would be nift if future Mario Karts had some sort of optional "Double Dash Mode."

  19. light_goose Thursday 21st Jul 2011 at 12:24

    I was completly addicted to this game when I was younger, it's sooooo much fun. I agreet he game is completly under rated. I always loved mushroom bridge and I think it was daisy's cruiser or something like that. I haven't played it in aaaaages... *goes looking for the game*

  20. Dan-the-Wii-man Thursday 21st Jul 2011 at 14:27

    I loved it especially for the special items! meant that the character you chose actually made a difference and the combination of different characters/specials made for a good strategic element before you started racing :) i do love MK Wii a bit more tho because of the motion controls, the sheer amount of awesome unlockable characters (Mii costume B took FOREVER) and of course wifi :D

  21. Red-Wolf Thursday 21st Jul 2011 at 19:18

    Ah yes, Mario Kart: Double Dash... I remember my brother and I teaming up, him on items, me on driving, and we'd dominate every track with my ninja driving and his Murdock-style item usage, me as Bowser Jr, him as Diddy Kong, and we'd power the Wario Car (which we called the Pimp-mobile) or the Barrel Train down the track, our Bowser Shells and Giant Bananas causing devastation as we went, and my brother using the kart's horn to swear at anyone who caused us to wipe out, and the high-fives we shared when we won... Wow, so many incredible memories came flooding back! Those were some of the best times I ever spent with my brother, and on the Gamecube in general. After Wind Waker and Smash Bros Melee, it was one of my very favourite games on Gamecube.

    Maybe if they brought back double-karts, they could make it an independent vehicle, like Karts and Bikes. I can just imagine the anarchy of a Karts-Bikes-Double Karts race. And what about Double Bikes? Maybe the item thrower could sit in a side-car. That would make for an incredible switch-over animation.

  22. Jake 346 Thursday 21st Jul 2011 at 21:02

    I really don't see how people could not have loved this game. One of, if not the best in the series. The multiplayer is much better than Wii's, with co-op and you can actually do cups in multiplayer. And the battles... (Bo-bomb Blast needs a comeback!).

  23. Rae Broom Friday 22nd Jul 2011 at 14:27

    Yup i loved double dash! Luigi and baby Luigi together was fun! We need another double dash

  24. link982 Friday 22nd Jul 2011 at 17:59

    Double Dash was and still is the best game in the Mario Kart series.

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