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Mighty Milky Way Review

TIme to make your head spin with a spot of planet hopping

As the third DSiWare game from WayForward, Mighty Milky Way was always going to be under pressure to live up to the studio's previous gems, the fun Mighty Flip Champs and the fantastic Shantae: Risky's Revenge. While it doesn't quite manage it, it's still a cool game that should have you smiling.

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The aim is simple - you have to help a little alien called Luna get to the end of each level by guiding her past the various obstacles dotted around.

Luna constantly walks forward and your control of her is very limited - you can only make her walk faster or slower, using the D-Pad - and you move her around the stage by tapping the planet she's walking on, making it pulse. This knocks Luna into space, where she'll floats until she gets pulled towards another planet.

It's a simple idea, but one that gets more complex as teleports, cannons and the ability to place your own planets are introduced.

Mighty Milky Way is simple fun, and the great music will keep you playing if only to hear what's coming next.

At 800 Points, it's a little pricey and it's not quite as polished as WayForward's other games, but it's still worth a look.


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  1. Deep4t Thursday 13th Oct 2011 at 13:06

    man i couldn't disagree more with this score.
    this game is better than the previous games, due to the fact, the replay is immense.
    that bomb mode is awesome. unlike the other games, there's loads of different ways to beat levels, it's about experimentation rather than just a straight path.

    I'd give it 90%

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