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3D Pixel Racing Review

Can you handle driving a car made entirely of pixels? Probably not...

3D Pixel Racing really should be called Voxel Racing - voxels being the correct term for the 3D pixels this game is made of.

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But then 'voxels' don't quite carry the same warm feeling of nostalgia as pixels - remember 3D Dot Game Heroes, a PS3 adventure inspired by The Legend Of Zelda?

That experiment was more successful than this one. For starters, all these 3D pixels make it look like you're racing LEGO cars on cobbled streets.

It handles like it too - the motion controls are far too sensitive and you have to stick to the track at all times with even the tiniest of shortcuts over a bend resulting in your car fading from view and being placed back on track before the corner.

Still, there is the nagging feeling that if 3D Pixel Racing gave you the option to use the D-Pad or the Nunchuk to steer, it would be a lot easier.

So despite all the options - Championship mode, Capture The Flag, four player split screen and a Hot Pursuit mode - the wild handling is a little too much to cope with.


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  1. Rm88 Friday 14th Oct 2011 at 19:34

    Wow. No offense, but a quick Google search would have let you know that 3D Dot Game Heroes was made by From Software (makers of fantastic games like Demon's Souls). Microforum had nothing to do with it, they are shovelware developers with games like "Enjoy your Massage" in their catalogue.

    As a game reviewer, you should be more informed. Still, this game blows, the controls are downright broken so I think it deserves the score.

  2. noodle link Friday 14th Oct 2011 at 20:07

    I assume Tom edited this. It's 3D Dot 'Game' Heroes, not 3D Dot Heroes. Minor thing to complain about but really, Tom makes these sort of mistakes on a very regular basis.

  3. Rm88 Friday 14th Oct 2011 at 21:46

    I agree that it's a minor mistake - unlike the real mistake in the review; stating Microforum did 3D Dot Game Heroes.

  4. tomonm Monday 17th Oct 2011 at 11:53

    Apologies for the error. I have edited it in the review.

  5. westbook Monday 7th Nov 2011 at 12:27

    Great game. Maybe best physic engine of racing game on wii. Great retro
    atmosphere. Finally a game where must drive to win.

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