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Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None Review

The butler did it! Only kidding...

The Wii Remote is good at many things, pointing and clicking being two of them, so the Wii should be a natural home for the point-and-click adventure. Zack & Wiki has got things off to a good start for the genre, but And Then There Were None isn't its next big step.

This is a sort of interactive version of the novel of the same name by Agatha Christie, with the main difference being the inclusion of your character, Patrick Narracott. You ship eight of the novel's characters to an island then get stuck in with the mystery-solving. First you've got to work out who ruined your boat, leaving you stranded, and then the bodies start stacking up.

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If you've read the book you'll be at a huge disadvantage because you'll know who dies when, which ruins the suspense. You're powerless to prevent these deaths, so most of the early gameplay feels like you're wandering aimlessly, waiting to do whatever it is that triggers the next "Cripes, he's carked it" moment.

By The Book

Sleuthing is largely irrelevant as the characters keel over whatever you do, so the game is really just a series of problems to solve. They're mostly of the 'find item, use with other item' variety, but the logic behind some seems skewed. One section doesn't advance until you've tried talking to all the sleeping guests - like that was an obvious thing to do...

This is by no means a disastrous game. When the puzzles aren't chew-your-own-leg-off frustrating there are some satisfying moments when things just click. But lots of unnecessary legwork and awful load times make exploration more of a chore. For suspense, go and read the novel, but patient puzzlers might get some fun out of this.


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  1. hannybananny0 Thursday 5th Jan 2012 at 19:12

    They actually made Agatha Christie game?? Lolz.

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