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Disney Universe Wii Review

A four-way co-operative adventure that's a galaxy of fun

Disney Universe Wii review Imagine if the LEGO games were trapped in a blender with the PlayStation's Little Big Planet games, and someone decided the best course of action would be to hit the blend button.

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The result would be Disney Universe (more literally, the result would be mangled plastic and a broken blender, but play along), a four-player co-op puzzle platformer that takes in locations from Disney's most famous films.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean is where the larks kick off, before the game content gently begins to unfold and unlock with your progress, taking in the best sights of movies such as Alice In Wonderland, WALL-E, Aladdin, The Lion King and Monsters, Inc.

The former has you wielding swords, swashbuckling your way through pirate ships and treasure coves, while each subsequent unlocked world introduces its own particular take on the action.

The WALL-E world, for example, features magnets and pilotable laser turrets. While the basic gameplay remains near enough the same, the thematic changes are enough that each world feels different and interesting.

Four Player World

Each world is split into three levels, with each level split further into short series of areas piled high with switches to spin, animals to ride, vehicles to drive, enemies to thwack, mini-bosses to gang up on, cannons to fire and puzzles to solve.

With four players on screen, things become pleasingly hectic - there are more than enough enemies to share, though with limited collectibles (such as the rare stars that allow you to level up your character) there's plenty of scope for rivalry too.

The Nunchuk's indiscriminate Z-Button grabs items, enemies and friends alike, allowing you to spin buddies around you in an either helpful or unhelpful fashion. Sabotaging your mates' efforts is as much fun as helping them out.

Disney Universe warps and changes to accommodate more or fewer players too. With two of you, there'll be puzzles that require one player to plonk himself on a switch while another trots ahead, his progress now unimpeded. Play again in single player and that switch becomes a timer, allowing you to solve the puzzle by yourself - less fun, but functional.

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Collect enough golden Mickey heads and you'll be able to afford new Disney outfits for your characters - from Donald Duck and Mickey himself, to Tron's Tron and Quorra, WALL-E's WALL-E and EVE, Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard.

Discovering and unlocking these costumes by replaying levels and scouting for collectibles forms half the fun of Disney Universe.

While more mature punters might find Disney Universe lacking in challenge, the cunning blend of simple controls and sheer wealth of content will have young Disney fans thrummed into a blissful toon-coma.

It's dress-up and adventure wrapped up in a neat, well-produced package. Enjoyed the LEGO games? Then this one's a no-brainer.


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  1. ledreppe Thursday 27th Oct 2011 at 14:34

    Got this today, but haven't played it yet. I had read Collette's blog on it, and decided to get it after I learned that LEGO fans will enjoy it. I was worried when I started reading the reivew that it was only playable with at least 2 players, but I also read the bit about playing in single player and the game adapting the gamplay to it. I'm not bothered about the difficulty, I'd rather have an easy game than one that's very hard. I'll edit this post, once I've played it for a while tonight, and let y'all know what my thoughts are.


    Been playing this all last night and I have to say I'm enjoying it. It plays a bit like the LEGO games, which I love, and collecting every costume is becoming an obsession for me. It's not a meaty challenge and it holds your hand the entire way through with arrows pointing to the next thing you have to do, but that aside it's a nice, solid simple action/adventure platformer with a little role-playing. I like the levelling up, and you're encouraged to level up as many costumes a spossible by finding a key to unlock a treasure chest with a tool upgrade star in it. I'd recommend this game to LEGO fans and Disney fans too, there are Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King, Wall-E and several other Disney franchises levels in it. If you're not sure whether to get this, I'd suggest waiting for it to come down to Ł15, and then get it, you wont be dissapointed!

  2. keero16 Thursday 27th Oct 2011 at 14:42

    As I said on an earlier post regarding this game, it looks way too similar to LittleBig Planet.......

  3. PhineasFerbStyx Thursday 27th Oct 2011 at 15:39

    Wait a minute you spend most of this review prasing this game and then you give it a lower score than Disney Meteos? baffling! :shock:

  4. alexjones94 Thursday 27th Oct 2011 at 16:29

    I'm intrigued by this. Probably something I'll pick up in a few years when it's cheap. Although the character costumes look like someone's skinned a range of Disney favourites and stuck a head-hole where their mouth was. It's quite disturbing actually... :shock:

  5. PhineasFerbStyx Thursday 27th Oct 2011 at 17:16

    I'm intrigued by this. Probably something I'll pick up in a few years when it's cheap. Although the character costumes look like someone's skinned a range of Disney favourites and stuck a head-hole where their mouth was. It's quite disturbing actually... :shock:

    It's cos all the characters belong to other people and it would have been hard to get SO many different licenses so they use costumes as a clever way to get around this. :mrgreen:

  6. imbusydoctorwho Thursday 27th Oct 2011 at 21:27

    Looks quite fun,but I'd prefer Kirby Mass Attack.

  7. zelda97 Saturday 29th Oct 2011 at 12:49

    It looks alright but it's nothing I'll go out of my way to buy.

  8. Fable Monday 7th Nov 2011 at 19:55

    The Stitch and Sully costumes look cute but the Aladdin one looks wierd =/ It looks fun but i'd possibly wait untill i see it for Ł5.

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