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Cut The Rope Review

Mobile classic hits DS

You may have seen someone in a suit playing this game on the bus before. Indeed, you may have inwardly chuckled at him as you tucked into a 'proper' game like Ocarina Of Time 3D. Yet, if you download Cut The Rope, he'll be the one laughing. Why? Because he probably paid 69p for his copy.

Cut The Rope is a brilliant puzzle game but at £4.50 it's also a rip-off. Especially since it's the same as the phone version. Of course, that means you're getting a highly addictive puzzle game in which you cut ropes with your stylus in order to make the piece of candy that's hanging from them drop into a monster's mouth.

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Fairly easy, but what makes this a challenge is that there are three stars to collect on each level, and catching 'em all with your swinging sweet is difficult. Levels also get trickier as spikes and spiders create obstacles and you need quick reflexes and a steady hand to transport your candy to its goal.

Quality gameplay, but, heartbreaking though it is, hard to recommend when you can get it far cheaper elsewhere.


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  1. reeesy Wednesday 9th Nov 2011 at 00:10

    Nice to see you address the issue of price when it comes to smartphone/ds games.
    Here's hoping they quickly realise it's a bad strategy to release an old game at 5 times the price. It's really quite cheeky. If Nintendo wants to move forward in a world where smartphone games are rapidly growing in popularity, surely this is completely the wrong approach.

  2. SM3DL Thursday 8th Nov 2012 at 17:55

    It is very cheeky for Nintendo to sell games at 5 time the price you can get them elsewhere. It is encouraging more people to get these things elsewhere.

    I got on the eshop because that is the only place I can get it.

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