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Need For Speed: The Run Wii Review

What a coincidence, we can only run for a couple of hours, too

Need For Speed: The Run Wii review The Need For Speed series has seen more revamps than Gok Wan, and this year's title changes things up yet again by setting its entire story mode across one long race. The race in question is The Run, which goes from one end of the US to the other, and sees you start in 150th place and fight your way to first while performing other tasks - like evading police and taking out goons - along the way.

Your car must be powered by some sort of rocket fuel, though, because a decent playthrough of The Run will see you get across America and complete the game in just over two hours. This is disappointing, as it's fun while it lasts.

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Not all of it is gold - the dull cut-scenes (which are completely different from those in the HD versions) simply show frames from a comic while horrible voice-actors ham it up over them.

Need For Speed: The Run Wii looks bland and lacks detail at times, and we could take or leave the quick-time event cuts-cenes mid-race. But for the most part the cars handle like a dream, the Burnout-style risk/reward nitro-meter keeps things exciting and the sense of speed is impressive, particularly in later chapters when you get better cars.

There's a separate Challenge mode that gives you various time-trial, race and takedown missions and this increases the game's lifespan by a fair amount, but considering The Run is the big selling point of the game, it's a shame it's all over so quickly.

Want to know what the 3DS version is like? Read our Need For Speed The Run 3DS review.


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  1. gmundy Saturday 19th Nov 2011 at 11:23

    Shame, I thought this might be the first essential racing game for wii this year. I'll probably get it in the January sales.

  2. DogNut327 Thursday 24th Nov 2011 at 01:33

    Is there split-screen multiplayer? If there is, then I'll probably be playing this for more than two hours. If not, I'll get it for 3DS or PS3.

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