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Best 3DS Ambassador GBA games

What should you play first

Ten free GBA games will land on 3DS tomorrow as part of the 3DS Ambassador Program. These games will be available to those who bought their handheld before the 3DS price cut. As we revealed yesterday, these games are very nearly the best of GBA so which one should you play first? Read on as we reveal the best GBA Ambassador Games...

10. F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

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At the time, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity was impressive. A GBA launch game, F-Zero showed just what the handheld was capable of - bringing SNES-quality visuals to a handheld for the first time. Although Maximum Velocity took place 25 years after the SNES original, it looks very similar and that means it looks a bit dated now which is always a problem for a future racer. It's still good but anyone wanting a full on, fast F-Zero experience should look out for GameCube's F-Zero GX instead.

9. Kirby And The Amazing Mirror

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Following the release of Kirby Air Ride, the pink blob was in the doldrums until this fun platformer came along. What's more, it does multiple Kirbys on the same screen before Kirby's Mass Attack or Kirby's Adventure Wii. If he's having trouble in a stage, he can use his mobile phone to call upon three other blobs who will help him take down enemies and stand on switches. Yet armed with his usual array of hilarious copy abilities, Kirby is more than a match for Dark Meta Knight (King Dedede is on holiday) as he attempts to retrieve the shards of mirror in a surprisingly long game.

8. Mario Vs Donkey Kong

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It's hard to imagine now, but Mario Vs Donkey Kong saw the plumber going up against Donkey Kong for the first time in ten years. In Bowser, Mario had moved onto a new nemesis in his console platform games but this excellent puzzler put the old enemies together for the first time since Game Boy's Donkey Kong. Indeed, Mario Vs Donkey Kong was seen as the successor to the Game Boy classic as the plumber had to climb ladders and look for keys in order to rescue Mini-Marios from the clutches of Nintendo's great ape.

7. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

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While reviewers were going wild over Advance Wars on GBA, Fire: Emblem: The Scared Stones was slightly overlooked. Truth is, this great strategy game is actually rather similar to Advance Wars only without the cartoon characters. But then Fire Emblem is a serious business as when a character in your team dies, that's it; they're gone forever and you can't revive them. While Advance Wars is fun for strategy newcomers, the RPG leanings of Fire Emblem make it a bit more hardcore with HP, levelling up and character classes to think about as well as a plot to follow. Not a massive improvement over the GBA original but if you like strategy games, this is addictive.

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