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Best Normal Pokemon

Your top five Normal-types revealed

Normal Pokemon. It sounds a bit boring doesn't it? Yet within this Type you'll find weird-looking Pokemon (Ditto), cute Pokemon (Jigglypuff), and even the God of all Pokemon (Arceus). But who is the best Normal Pokemon? It was a question we asked of ONM forum members in our bid to put together a brilliant Pokemon team.

We've already listed the best Grass Pokemon, best Fire Pokemon and the best Water Pokemon and now it's time to reveal the best Normal Pokemon. Just a top five this time as the remaining Pokemon were all tied on the same number of votes.

5. Slaking

Never has a species summed up a Pokemon like Slaking. He's a Lazy Pokemon. You can tell that just by looking at him as he lies on his side scratching his belly with a content grin on his face. However, he is an immensely powerful Pokemon with amazing Attack and HP stats but his Truant ability makes him idle on every other turn.

You say: I'd have to go for Slaking. Purely because you can repeatedly Giga Impact with it as it would be missing a turn anyway. abmooG tsriF ehT

4. Pidgeot

Pidgeot sounds like it could be a boring pigeon Pokemon but with its red and yellow crest, it is a magnificent bird. The final form of Pidgey, it is a powerful and fast flier that creates tree-bending whirlwinds when it soars through the air at speeds of mach 2. It can also spot a Magikarp when it is 1,000 metres in the air. Why it would want to is anyone's guess - it certainly can't be for a battle. Unless Pidgeot is a bully who likes to take on not very effective Pokemon. Given all those, it might come as a surprise that its not particularly good in battle.

You say: A year ago I'd have said Togekiss but now it's Pidgeot. Because all the cool people use Pidgeot. Splinter435

3. Eevee

Eevee is a Normal Pokemon but what makes it stand out - other than the fact that it is a very cute little creature - is that it can evolve into seven different Pokemon types under certain conditions. Indeed, Vaporeon and Leafeon have already appeared in our best Water and best Grass Pokemon lists. In its original form Eevee does have pretty poor stats but that all changes when it evolves into one of the seven types.

You say: Eevee itself doesn't really get much recognition, but I think anything that can evolve into seven different creatures deserves a spot in the top ten. Plus Eevee's are just gorgeous and I want to keep them. Bluyoshi

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