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Harvest Moon: The Tale Of Two Towns preview

With a "cluck cluck" here and a "press A to continue" there

This is one of those titles that sticks to a philosophy of not fixing what ain't broken, because for some reason people will keep buying them. The Tale Of Two Towns is the nineteenth Harvest Moon game since the series launched way back in 1996 and this time, while much remains the same, there's at least one big decision you'll have to make that shakes things up substantially.

This 3DS game begins with your little farmer chap turning up at a new island (you get to name it) and encountering the leaders of two different towns, Konohana and Bluebell. These have had a bit of a falling out and the reason will chill you to the bone. They disagree on farming techniques.

Your first big decision is whether to move to Konohana or Bluebell, the outcome determining what you'll spend the first half of the game doing.

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More Farm Than Good

Bluebell is a western-type farm with thatched cottages and the like. They focus on livestock and you'll be expected to take care of the animals.

Happier animals make better produce, which means you earn more ba-ba-bling at market that can then used to buy new animals and equipment. It's pretty much that circle of life thing Elton John used to bleat on about, only without lions.

Choose to set up in Konohana, though and you won't find an animal anywhere. Instead, this Asian-style arable farm has fields as far as the eye can see, and it'll be up to you to take care of them, being sure to plant seeds, water the plants and harvest them at the right time.

The general aim is to take part in various festivals and use your skills to win the competitions there, while ultimately bringing both towns together and getting them to kiss and make up, at which point you'll be able to work on both animals and fields at the same time.

Locking away half the gameplay until much later on is a very bold move for a Harvest Moon game, but from what we've played so far, the story really helps to keep things interesting. We'll find out soon if it works out in the long run.


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  1. TomMc92 Monday 30th Apr 2012 at 17:18

    I look forward to any harvest moon game and because this is on the 3DS i am really looking forward to it. I just hope there is more to the 3ds version than just added 3d effects. I know it's silly asking for more but you'd expect it from a next gen handheld. Im glad harvest moon hasn't changed since i first played it on gba i know it wasn't the first but that was got me really hooked onto the series. I loved the wii versions they were excellent as for ds sunshine islands was a great version. My only complaint is shame you can't do both right away, i remember how much money i made from looking after animals as well as making crops. If your looking to make money fast animals are the way forward but crops do tend to get greater selling costs even if they take a while to grow. Crops like tomatoes are great as you can re harvset after a few days until the season changes. Anyway with Rune Factory Oceans coming out soon fans of the series are spoilt for choice. Also not forgetting the amazing looking rune factory 4 which we won't get for a few years at least but still something you should watch out for being the first one in the series on 3DS.

  2. Riverlution Tuesday 1st May 2012 at 07:08

    I love harvest moon, its safe to say that I'll buy this.

  3. themightyboar Tuesday 1st May 2012 at 17:26

    I reckon the animal side will be the best

  4. pockybis Wednesday 2nd May 2012 at 21:03

    I think this game had just added 3D effects but doesn't do anything special unlike the newest 3DS harvest moon. the newest one is called Harvest Moon 3DS: Hajimari no Daichi. The tale of two towns is really fun though. BUT i think its fine just playing it on a DS as the game is cheaper.

  5. Komodo_Wolfgang Saturday 5th May 2012 at 17:32

    If the stamina bar didnt run out so quickly, Id buy one of these games and keep it. >.<

  6. King-X Sunday 6th May 2012 at 09:42

    I always welcome another Harvest Moon game. I'm not so sure about the negative theme though. I have no doubt that it's rewarding for the patient and gives you a sense of accomplishment but spending the first half of the game with two towns hating each other - well it's a sour note for a Harvest Moon title, as is being locked from half the activities for said duration.

  7. Tamalay Wednesday 16th May 2012 at 21:48

    This game is really good but if you want the best start choose konohana as it is easier to get started and my favourite preferably.

  8. craig134 Friday 25th May 2012 at 14:42

    There people talking about this game being very glitchy. For example sometimes after a long day of work the game can sometimes freeze. Sounds horrible but il still buy it :P

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