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Wii U Wish List: 11. Pokemon

Seven ideas for a Pokemon Wii U game

Game Freak are currently focused on Pokemon Black and White 2 for DS but it would be a surprise if the company didn't release a big Pokemon game on Wii U. There have been Pokemon spin-off games on N64, GameCube and Wii and while they have been a mixed bag, there are exciting possibilities for a Pokemon Wii U game. Here are seven of them...

1. 3DS link-up

Back in the days of the GameCube, Pokemon utilised the GameCube/GBA link cable, enabling fans to transfer their Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire to Pokemon Colosseum.

Pokemon Colosseum
Pokemon Colosseum

Now, with wireless connections, it would be easier than ever to integrate the 3DS and Wii U games. Indeed, as we already know, the key to Smash Bros Wii U is the link with Smash Bros 3DS.

So, I'd call it Pokemon Wii Universe (here's hoping for royalties for this punning title!) and allow it to communicate with a Pokemon 3DS RPG that would be released at the same time.

You could use your 3DS to battle and catch Pokemon before transferring them over to the Wii U where they could be displayed in a gallery or used to do battles in an arena.

Perhaps, in the spirit of collecting, you could catch different Pokemon on the Wii U version, meaning that you would have to have buy both games or trade with friends to catch 'em all.

2. 3D Pokémon

Pokemon Stadium was the first game to make it possible to see your Pokemon in 3D. Now I'd like to see Game Freak do that again for all 649 Pokemon. Not just on the Wii U, mind, but on the 3DS also.

Meloetta - the 648th Pokemon
Meloetta - the 648th Pokemon
3. The Wii U controller as the Pokédex

As shown with the Pokedex 3D app, owning your own Pokedex is cool and the Wii U controller is perfect to show off the Pokemon and their stats, allowing you to move between menus and stats using the touch screen. Of course, when it's not being used as a Pokedex, it could be an overview of the map of the region, and it would also offer a simple way of selecting the Pokemon you want to use to fight and which moves to use.

Pokedex 3D
Pokedex 3D
The tablet could also be home to a few other features. How about voice recognition, enabling you to shout out 'I Choose You Pikachu!'? You could also use the cameras to create your own unique Pokemon trainer.

Pokemon Snap could also work brilliantly on Wii U but instead of the Pokemon being hidden in their own environment, the game could embrace Augmented Reality so you could snap them in your living room.

4. Near Field Communication

As seen in that leaked Rayman Legends Wii U trailer and Skylanders, chips stored in small toys can be used for Near Field Communication. Basically, you place an object on the Wii U tablet to trigger an action in game. Though it would be a bit of a stretch financially to expect fans to buy toys of all 649 Pokémon, perhaps the chips could be built into Pokemon trading cards. So you would buy your pack of Pokemon cards, place your chosen one on the Wii U tablet and it would appear in the game.

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