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Best Nintendo cosplay at the MCM Expo

Colette and Marti choose their favourite Nintendo cosplayers at Saturday's show. Which one is your favourite?

The MCM Expo is a cosplayers dream. Many fans look forward to this every year and the amount of time and money people spend on cosplay to ensure that they look like their favourite characters from games, anime, and manga is incredible. It was especially exciting for me and Marti as we decided to go as Princess Peach and Nikki from Letter Box.

Colette (Peach) and Marti (Nikki)
Colette (Peach) and Marti (Nikki)
Getting involved in the cosplay is really great fun and I think you look like the odd one out if you arrive dressed normally. Anyway, as well as dressing up ourselves, we set out on a special mission to find the best Nintendo cosplayers as the expo. Here are our top six!

Link - Myffanwy Edwards

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Amazingly, Myffanwy wasn't a big Zelda fan until Skyward Sword and then she completely fell in love with it. She made this outfit herself and it took two months to complete. She could also actually play the ocarina!

Epona - Lynda Biggins

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Lynda thought no one had dressed as Link's horse before and decided it would definitely be fun to wear this costume. Good job it was fun as it took seven months to make because she was juggling it with university work. She travelled to the Expo on the Tube and got some great reactions from the public.

Team Magma - Merlin Webster and Robyn Dean

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Merlin and Robyn also juggled exams with cosplay but they didn't take seven months to make their Team Magma costumes. It took them two weeks to make their outfits which are based on one of the villainous teams from Pokemon's Hoenn region. They also made their own 3DS pouch.

Shiek - Emma Thomas

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Emma loves Zelda but she decided to dress as her alter ego from Ocarina Of Time. Her costume was hand sewn and took a couple of months to make. She made her harp with plywood and elastic bands.

Donkey Kong - Chivvy

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Chivvy loves Donkey Kong games and so decided to dress as Nintendo's great ape. This costume took six months to make using sofa foam, fleece and walking sticks.

Bowser - Katy Smith

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Katy loves Bowser; she thinks he is the best villain ever. This costume took 100 hours to make and she is another who got a few strange looks on the way to the Expo. Luckily I drove and Marti had a hotel near the venue!

As for us, Marti chose Nikki because it made a change from Pokemon and she thought it was original and very unlikely that anyone else would dress as her. She was right! I chose Peach because this is probably one of the only events where I can go out in my normal attire!

Anyway, which costume is your favourite?

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