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Runner2 developer reveals Wii U ideas

"It's turning into a new canvas to paint on" - Alex Neuse

Alex Neuse from Gaijin Games has told Official Nintendo Magazine how the Wii U will benefit Runner2, the follow up to classic WiiWare rhythm platformer Bit.Trip Runner.

Speaking with ONM, Neuse said: "For Runner2, we're thinking about how we can use the controller as an alternate world. For instance, what if CommanderVideo got warped down to the controller and had to do stuff different to what's going on in the main game. It's turning into a new canvas to paint on."

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Yet Neuse has even more ideas for Gaijin's future efforts on Wii U. "I'm imagining a game in which two players play co-op, with one using the Wii U controller and the other using a standard Wii Remote. What if the person with the Wii U controller could help the other person with the Wii U controller could help the other player out using, say, surveillance cameras, a bit like Theora Jones with Edison Carter [from Max Headroom]."

You could imagine this working in a game based on Mission Impossible 4!

What do you think of Neuse's ideas? Are you looking forward to Runner2 Wii U?

You can read more about Wii U in issue 83 of Official Nintendo Magazine which is out now. Buy it here!


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  1. Lonegamer Tuesday 12th Jun 2012 at 10:16

    What is a canus? y u no spell good XD

  2. imbusydoctorwho Tuesday 12th Jun 2012 at 11:26

    Well what ever they do,I know it's going to be brilliant.
    The original Runner was fantastic.

  3. MartinIsAwesome Tuesday 12th Jun 2012 at 12:30

    I'm pleased that they're experimenting with making something different for the sequal, but I hope that it won't involve switching your gaze between two screens too much. I find it hard enough staying focused on just one! @_@

  4. Midknights Tuesday 12th Jun 2012 at 14:53

    Its nice that the wii u offers a great chance to explore asymetircal gameplay, but i often find, someone is always getting the short end of the stick in these 2 player co-op situations.

    For example, with the rayman legends demo, the person with the Wii U Gamepad looked to be doing alot less than the people with the wiimotes. And with New Mario Bros U, the person with the gamepad in boost mode was just wasting everyone elses time.

    It seems the game pad would be wasted on support roles,

    However, if the game pad is given a big bad overlord role and the wiimote users are weaker (but have strength in numbers) that could deliver a much more fun gaming experience. Such examples of this are the demo's shown at 2011 E3 and Nintendo lands sweet chase game.

  5. Xenobladeperson Tuesday 12th Jun 2012 at 15:30

    Bit Trip RUNNER is amazing. Almost finished World 2 and can't wait for this. I hope they hurry up and confirm it for WiiU.

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