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5 3DS games that are better on 3DS XL

Why games such as Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus Uprising are better on the big screens

Remember when you first switched on 3DS and you had that initial 'wow' moment? Perhaps it was when a dragon burst out of your kitchen table in the AR games, or maybe when you saw your Mii fly through the air in a squirrel suit in Pilotwings Resort, or even when a dog looked like it really was going to lick your face in Nintendogs and Cats. You'll have that moment all over again when playing Nintendo 3DS XL.

For me, it came when I was playing Mario Kart 7 and flew through the tunnel in the Waluigi Pinball course. I even involuntarily said "Wow" out loud on the tube.

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You see, thanks to the new console's larger screens and exaggerated 3D, some of your 3DS games are simply better on 3DS XL. Here are five of the best.

1. Super Mario 3D Land

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Of all the games you might have expected to be improved by 3DS XL, you might not have thought that Super Mario 3D Land would be one of them. After all, while its use of 3D is smart, it doesn't exactly boast expansive environments like Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

Yet while Ocarina Of Time is the only game we've played that's perhaps best on the original 3DS (those old N64 visuals look a bit dated on the bigger screens), Mario 3D Land sparkles on 3DS XL. It's immediately obvious as soon as you switch the game on and the logo (complete with waggling Tanooki tail) comes bursting out at you. For some reason, the colours appear brighter as Mario leaps on the blocks next to what is now a massive wall.

Then you start World 1-1 and that Cheep Cheep leaps out of the screen - it's hardly Jaws but it looks cool. Then there's the little 3D illusion puzzle hidden in the warp pipe in the sky. You know the one in which you have to flick the 3D slider up to spot that the Star Coin is sitting above a brown block that appears to be in a different place in 2D. This seems to stand out even more now.

Another 'in your face' moment comes when the Blooper spits ink at the screen in World 2-2 but the main reason why Mario 3D Land is better on 3DS XL than on 3DS comes in World 5-2. AKA The Zelda level. Play this again on your original 3DS after having a go on 3DS XL and you'll really notice the difference.

It just appears to have so much more depth, especially when Mario (or Luigi) drops down into the sandy pits or springs off that bouncy block in the lava pit just after the checkpoint. The flames shooting upwards from the lava are more impressive, too.

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