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Victorious Boxers: Challenge Review

It's certainly a challenge, we'll give them that

Inhibitions are a thing of the past, it would seem. Thanks to the Wii, we've got no qualms any more about making ourselves look like fools for the sake of enjoyment and no concerns that flailing our arms around like some crazed windmill will undoubtedly make us look just a tiny bit silly.

However, the trade-off here is that if we are going to subject ourselves to such ridicule, there needs to be a decent reason - specifically, a solid control mechanic that actually works and some damn fine gameplay to boot. Victorious Boxers Challenge promises both; it's just a shame it ultimately delivers neither.

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That's not to say it doesn't have some things going for it though. It's based upon Hajime No Ippo, a popular Japanese manga, resulting in an impressive visual style. The attention to detail, character shading, story mode cut-scenes and overall animation for each fighter is incredibly lovely and makes it all feel like you're actually in the comic book. If we were judging the game on its aesthetics alone, it'd score very highly.

Tiger Uppercut

Unfortunately, things start to fall apart once you actually jump into the fights because the action just feels incredibly clumsy and unintuitive. The main attraction, obviously, is likely to be the motion controls but unfortunately, they're nowhere near as precise as they need to be. Wii Sports boxing was a simple affair with a limited range of attacks. Victorious Boxers, on the other hand, has a wide range of punches and moves, but actually performing them with any real precision is a frustrating affair.

Things get worse when you try the 'bob and weave' motion controls, which are an unholy mess, and they don't get much better when you switch to the 'move the pointer in a direction to punch' options. Indeed, only the two 'normal' controller options make the game playable but even then, it's all fairly soulless. Alas, you really are better off sticking with Wii Sports.


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