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20 best Mario Kart moments

We celebrate the 20th anniversary of Super Mario Kart

Happy anniversary Mario Kart! Yes, 20 years ago today, Super Mario Kart was released in the UK. It's an often-told tale that the public was skeptical about the sight of their platforming hero driving around in a go-kart, but 20 years on and Mario Kart is still in pole position as the world's most fun racing game.

In that time we've seen feather-assisted karts flying through the air, vehicles driving under water, two characters in one kart and a lot of blue shells. Now, we celebrate the history of Mario Kart with the 20 finest moments from the series as selected by you and some of us.

20. Dinosaur in Dino Dino Jungle

Nominated by Frazapple

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We've come along way from Super Mario Kart's flat-packed tracks. Now we're racing through shopping malls, on ski slopes and underwater, weaving in and out of flying shells. There are plenty of obstacles on the path to glory - a giant pinball on Waluigi's Pinball, penguins on Sherbet Land and, best of all, the big dinosaur in Mario Kart Double Dash's Dino Dino Jungle. ONM forum member Frazapple nominated the appearance of the Sauropod as his favourite moment by simply saying: "DINOSAUR!! When you first see it in Dino Dino Jungle".

We must admit that we love driving between his big blue legs.

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