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Emergency Mayhem Review

Someone call an ambulance! This one's flatlining!

The world's in a terrible state. If you've been paying attention to the news, the climate and the fact that Paris Hilton somehow hasn't been tranquillised and dropped into an oubliette, then you probably feel like you should be running around, waving your hands in the air and screaming. The people of Crisis City have clearly been keeping a close eye on world affairs, because they are properly howling.

It's your job, as commander of the emergency services, to reduce the mayhem and make everything lovely again. This involves you driving into Grand Theft Auto mission-giving circles. These missions are fairly standard stuff: driving somewhere quickly, driving somewhere carefully, ramming a bad man, that kind of thing. Oh, and there are mini-games as well.

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Everything is against a strict countdown, with you earning extensions to the time limit from pick-ups and by completing the mission. Keep going long enough to reduce the mayhem to zero and you unlock the next zone. Run out of time, and you're starting again from scratch.

Call It Off

The problems begin with the navigation system. Destinations are by no means obvious from their description and there's no map function to help plan your route. Until you've memorised the locations, you'll be left second-guessing the route of a jerky, unreliable 'this-way' arrow. On the plus side, this won't take too long, because there aren't many areas to play in, and they're all quite small. Actually, that's less of a plus, and more of a small mercy.

The mini-games are over quickly and aren't particularly inventive, while the driving sections just consist of hunting for the next mission circle. You begin to suspect that both parts of the game are desperately trying to make you play the other, because they're scared you'll notice how bare they are.

Emergency Mayhem can offer some simple fun in small doses, but is challenging only because of the harshness of the time limits and

the frustrating navigation system. It looks good enough, but if you're after more than ten

minutes of distraction, you need to

look somewhere else.


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  1. Gordon Ramsey Friday 18th Apr 2008 at 12:23

    The game looked as though it had more ptential than the actual truth of it. :?

  2. uster dog Sunday 20th Apr 2008 at 15:54

    i saw this in gamestation today at Ł24.99 and i picked it up :oops: then i put it back and saved myself Ł24.99 thank god :!: so i went home to play mario karts :!: i think are save my money for this friday 25th and buy "WII-FIT" instead :wink: :wink:.

  3. moogleofages Thursday 8th May 2008 at 12:50

    This could of turned out realy good. Whats with the monkeys and bannanas on one of the screen shots random! :?

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