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How to make your own StreetPass Ultimate helmet

Cosplay: Marti Bennett shows you how she made her outfit ahead of tomorrow's MCM Expo

After going to MCM Expo in May A Nikki from Nintendo Letterbox, it wasn't long before people started asking me who I was going to dress up as for this weekend's show in London. I wasn't overly keen on cosplaying again. My Nikki cosplay from Nintendo Letterbox was not very popular and I was very disappointed and ready to give up. I didn't want to dress up as something that everyone else was doing. I wanted to be original and different.

Of course I am going to meet friends and play the Wii U (as well as get StreetPass hits) but cosplay is sucha big part of the Expo but who would I go as? As I was looking through my Mii plaza, I thought it would be cool if people wore the hats that their Mii wears at the Expo.Then it hit me, I should make the Ultimate Helmet from StreetPass Quest! Events like this are packed with people Streetpassing, so this would surely be more popular than Nikki from Letterbox. With an idea in mind, I set out to make the Ultimate Helmet. Here it is!

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I recorded a video so you can see how you can make your very own Ultimate helmet but you can also follow the steps below. I'm like the Mister Maker of cosplay!

What you will need:

Balloons (2-3)



PVA glue

Toilet roll cardboard tubes


Masking tape

Tin foil


Purple paint

Yellow acrylic paint



How to make it

1. Blow up your balloon. You will need a fairly big balloon as this will need to be placed on your head. I would suggest making at least two in case one gets crushed in the popping process.

2. Use masking tape to keep the balloon in place while you are applying the papier-mache as you don't want it to fall over. I attached mine to a round tub, small plant pots are also useful. Apply one layer of papier-mache, small pieces at a time to avoid air bubbles. You can use your hands or a paint brush to apply, be sure to wash paint brush after use. Leave to completely dry.

3. Add a second layer. Leave to completely dry.

4. Keep adding layers till you are satisfied with how sturdy it is, making sure it's completely covered. Then it's popping time!

5. Use a pin/scissors to pop the balloon inside. You should be left with the shell. If done correctly it shouldn't crush.

6. Yay both balloons popped successfully!

7. To make the horns, play around with tin foil until you get the shape you want.

8. Cut a toilet roll tube in half and shape the horn around the base. Cut the tube as shown in picture - this is how we will attach it to helmet later on.

9. Apply masking tape to the horn so it's possible to apply papier-mache and paint later on.

10. Cut around the rough edges at the bottom of the shell.

11. Roughly sketch out on your helmet where you wish the features to be. When you are happy, cut out the mouth. Try putting it on your head at this point and make alterations if need be.

12. Use masking tape to cover all the edges. This adds strength, ensuring the papier mache does not fray. This may not stick particularly well, but don't worry as it will when painted.

13. Use cardboard to make your jaw.

14. Cover it in papier-mache on both sides.

15. Papier-mache your horns.

16. Time to paint! Two tester pots are more than enough.

17. Use something steady to rest the helmet on while painting. Paint the edges of the helmet first (where the masking tape is) and leave to dry before continuing.

18. When fully painted and dry, stick on horns with masking tape. It looks terrible right now but you can paint over it.

19. Use masking tape over any cracks that you may have. This helps smooth over the helmet a little bit. Then add another layer of paint.

20. Make templates for the eyes which is easily done on Microsoft Paint. Draw around them in pencil, then use yellow acrylic paint to fill them in. You will need at least three layers.

22. Take a strip of Velcro, you wont need much as too much Velcro may rip the helmet. Then cut again.

22. Stick one side of the Velcro to one side of the jaw. Then repeat for the other side.

23. Place the Velcro together. Then peel off the back to be able to stick on the inside of the helmet.

24. You may need a hand from a friend or family member to position the jaw correctly. By wearing it yourself or using them as a model.


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