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What is the best Pokemon generation?

Chris Rooke wonders if Black and White has been a golden generation

I was curious to see ONM's countdown of the top-rated DS games this week which featured two Pokemon games in the top ten: Pokemon HeartGold and Soul Silver plus Pokemon Black and White. With Black and White just behind New Super Mario Bros at number two, I am wondering if Generation V is the golden generation? Will we look back upon this generation of games as the best of the best, or will it fade away like the Game Boy Advance games?

I think there's two generations of games that stand head and shoulders above the others: Generation II (the Game Boy Color games: Gold, Silver, and Crystal) and generation V: Black and White and their sequels.

Let's begin with Generation II. While the original games were great fun and incredible achievements for the time, the second generation managed to squeeze in a whole new region and more Pokemon, plus the story was greatly improved. It was a shockingly large game, and given the amount of content stored in those cartridges, was incredible value for money.

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Moving on to Generation V, Black and White were also incredibly important as they took the Pokemon formula and gave it an interesting twist - effectively wiping the history of the series for the main story, and starting from scratch. For so long the games had been building upon their predecessors, but the new games were treated like whole new entities.

With a new Unova Dex, a really engrossing story (arguably for the first time), and a great region to explore, Black and White really were a new starting point and allowed the developers to cull a lot of the bloated aspects of the games from previous generations.

I know many will argue that the first generation should be favoured as it was the starting point and the third generation seems to have an awful lot of love. But frankly I think that the second generation was miles ahead of the original set of games and the third generation is miles behind every other generation.

But the real question is: is this the golden age? I think there are arguments for both.

I think the second generation is wonderful due to its simplicity. Before EVs, IVs, before soft resetting and manic breeding, the second generation were the last games before a lot of the competitive tactics came into play. Instead, they just improved upon everything that had come before them. Both regions could be rendered in full colour, and in Crystal the sprites began to move, which was a gigantic leap at the time. With sixteen gym leaders to beat, and tons to explore, it was just huge.

Black and White 2, on the other hand, act as a culmination of all of the previous Pokemon games - they perfect everything that has come before, trimming out the fat to leave gamers with a pure and perfected Pokemon experience. They also have the additional benefit of being able to use new technology: between the Entralink, WiFi connection, infrared, a more powerful graphics engine, and the ability to transfer from older games, they do feel like a culmination of what has made the previous games great.

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I think that whether Black and White will be seen as the golden generation largely depends on what comes next. If Game Freak moves away from the traditional sprite-based or turn-based battle gameplay, I think Black and White will be remembered as the ultimate traditional games. If similar games follow them, however, I think that they'll be seen as just another generation, and they could be overlooked.

I can't choose between Generation II and V so it's over to you: What do you think is the best Pokemon generation? I've added a little poll for you so you can cast your vote but please do leave the reason for your pick in the comments below.


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  1. bobble173 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 13:30

    Although since I was very little, second gen were my favourites, after a recent replay of gen 3, I changed my mind. Hoenn, in my mind, is still the most innovative region, and I have a soft spot for proper pokemon contests ( none of the musical rubbish) they also incorporated loads of my favourite pokemon ( breloom, Milotic and gardevoir to name a few). Whilst there was nothing brand new about third gen, in my opinion it took the best bits of the previous games and consolidated them to make my favourite pokemon games thus far.

  2. SammyDodger Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 13:30

    It's a very difficult choice, they are all wonderful experiences. The first games obviously give the most nostalgia, but I can't let that affect my choice. Though my favourite Pokémon were from the 1st and 5th gen, and although the 5th gen had by far the best story, I can't help but choose gen 3 because of how interesting the region is. I feel that counts for a lot more because you are constantly experiencing it while the story has always taken a back seat (until now), and you only carry 6 Pokémon so you don't need to like that many.

  3. GengarGuy094 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 13:32

    That was a hard decision for me.
    I think in terms of how good the main games are I'd say:
    -Gen 2 (G/S/C)
    -Gen 5 (B/W, B2/W2)
    -Gen 3 (R/S/E, FF/LG)
    -Gen 4 (D/P/P, HG/SS)
    -Gen 1 (R/G/B/Y)

    Although I voted generation 4 because that's the games I personally have the best memories with, since it was at that time I was able to trade and battle with friends because they liked Pokemon at that point. Now I am just all alone playing B2/W2... -.-

  4. King Slazo Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 13:49

    Its still Gen2 for me, although I'll grant Gen5 comes a close second, and that may change once I've had a chance to properly play BW2.

    Gen1 was great, but full of flaws and bugs. I appreciated the challenge they offered which no Pokémon game has replicated since, but they were ridiculously slow paced and had the series still finding its feet.

    Gen3 is for me the weakest, with a dull overworld, an unrealised story (the two teams battling it out theme could've been done so, so much better), and the complete lack of pushing its new features like double battles and contests. The Shadow games and the anime respectively did a far better job at getting them over.

    And as for Gen4, while the world was a big imporvement, it didn't have any memorable moments, nothing that defined it, except maybe the birth of arguably the best Champion since the originals. It was a solid game, but little else.

    Gen5, well, they gave it their all. Some tricky moments, a nice(ish) world, lots of prettiness from their new 3D engine, a good story, smart design choices like merging Marts and Centres and putting healers in the field, and, well, it achieved the goal of being a fresh start with aplomb. Sadly, there were chinks in the armour, the world being a loop-de-loop, reusing the Fire/Fighting starter again, gym "puzzles" that required no thought... all those niggles added up to mean it couldn't quite beat the dual region, genre-defining, time-defying classics of Gold and Silver. Gen2 still stands tall today, although I can see them falling in the near future if Gen6 improves upon what the Unova games achieved.

  5. alexjones94 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 13:56

    On a purely technical level, each is better than its predecessors. Whichever generation is a personal favourite is down to which you grew up with, or which holds the most nostalgia. For me, that was Gen I and the original 151 pokemon.

  6. ThePokekid78 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 14:02

    >Sees article title
    >Clicks excitedly
    >Reads "the third generation is miles behind every other generation."
    >Sees that Gen 5 has most votes

    ._. whatisthis

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Gen 5?? I get the Gen 2 love, I really do. Those games were great. Understandable why you like them.

    But Gen 5, the best generation?? You have to trolling here! Gen 5 had arguably the worst generation of pokemon (it's a close call between that and Gen 4), it had the worst overworld (soooo linear), godawful Musicals, not to mention no Battle Frontier/Berry picking/Game Corner/Safari Zone!!

    Not tryna say I hate the Gen 5 games - I'm enjoying White 2 as I write this. But how very dare you dismiss Gen 3 (THE BEST GENERATION) so easily, then claim Gen 5 is the 'golden generation'. Shame on you!

  7. fisher2007 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 14:07

    I have favorite pokemon every generation that i like also hard to choose and i think generation 2 is my favorite because played original pokemon sliver gbc more than original pokemon red long time ago also my first pokemon game was red but i like original sliver gbc more and there two region's johto and kanto and it be good if there was 2 region's again maybe next pokemon game and i hope gamefreak does this.

  8. Redfish20 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 14:40

    Am I the only one who hated generation V? I'm all for streamlining but not when that takes the form of ripping out everything good.
    Example 1, no vs seeker. The biggest flaw with the first gen games was that you couldn't fight trainers more than once. they started to rectify this from II onwards perfecting it in the form of the vs seeker in Fire Red/Leaf Green and it was good. Until gen V. (I appreciate there was no vs seeker in Heart Gold/Soul Silver but the phone system from the originals made a return. I was quite angry about it then as well).
    Example 2. infinitely reusable tms. Makes the games a little less deep.
    Example 3. Trubish. The name says it all really.
    Example 4. the horribly jagged, pixelated sprites. Graphics don't make a game I know and they have never been Pokemon's strong suit but when they're worse than the previous generation even I'm forced to stop with a confused look on my face.

    My vote lies firmly with gen IV.

  9. Darkblizz Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 15:09

    As much as I love the shake-ups Gen V has provided, Gen 2 will always be my favourite. It just felt so big and epic.

  10. King Slazo Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 15:25

    Hahaha, I'm dying with laughter at the Gen V hate. Allow me to dissect a few posts here.

    Example 1, no vs seeker. The biggest flaw with the first gen games was that you couldn't fight trainers more than once. they started to rectify this from II onwards perfecting it in the form of the vs seeker in Fire Red/Leaf Green and it was good. Until gen V. (I appreciate there was no vs seeker in Heart Gold/Soul Silver but the phone system from the originals made a return. I was quite angry about it then as well).

    Instead you got a metagame that forced you to get stronger than before. How dare they put in all those Lv 60 to 70 trainers and new content with towns, cities and a rematch with Cynthia, and your first actual match with Alder.

    Example 2. infinitely reusable tms. Makes the games a little less deep.

    Also means field TMs can actually be used on multiple move slaves as well as making life much easier for metagame players. Having only one of a certain move per playthrough was ridiculous and counter-intuitive, putting off players from using them rather than encouraging diverse move sets.

    Example 3. Trubish. The name says it all really.

    Every gen has badly designed Pokémon, every gen has well designed Pokémon. Gen5 was admittedly a bit more black and white (pun intended) in its designs on whether they were good or bad, but after 500 of the buggers, I appreciate coming up with another 150 original designs isn't exactly easy.

    Example 4. the horribly jagged, pixelated sprites. Graphics don't make a game I know and they have never been Pokemon's strong suit but when they're worse than the previous generation even I'm forced to stop with a confused look on my face.

    Ahahahahah. Good one. Gen5's 3D engine had some actual breathtaking moments, and with all the animations, dynamic camera angles and variety of landscapes, Gen5 were by far the most visually impressive Pokémon games.

    But Gen 5, the best generation?? You have to trolling here! Gen 5 had arguably the worst generation of pokemon (it's a close call between that and Gen 4), it had the worst overworld (soooo linear), godawful Musicals, not to mention no Battle Frontier/Berry picking/Game Corner/Safari Zone!!

    And instead introduced the most advanced metagame since Kanto in GSC along some of the smartest design choices the franchise has had in years.

    But how very dare you dismiss Gen 3 (THE BEST GENERATION) so easily, then claim Gen 5 is the 'golden generation'. Shame on you!

    My vote lies firmly with gen IV.

    99% of fans who've played all five generations will tell you either Gen 3 or 4 are the worst one. Usually varies depending on what they thought of Hoenn, and when they started playing.

  11. 3DSRulesO.K Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 16:19

    99% of fans who've played all five generations will tell you either Gen 3 or 4 are the worst one. Usually varies depending on what they thought of Hoenn, and when they started playing.

    Agreed, everyone is voting on pure nostalgia, I personally think that none of the gens are bad, but the most forgettable pokemon are from the 3rd gen. Gen 4 was way too similar to gen3, but had online battles and much easier menus for battles thanks to the touchscreen. Gen 2 is probably the best, but Gen 5 is still brilliant :mrgreen:

  12. lol95 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 16:28

    Gen III because it was my first proper Pokemon game.
    - It had the first and arguably best deviation from battling, contests (which were to be destroyed with dancing, dress up and musicals in future gens).
    - Double battles were introduced, a format I enjoy an awful lot as do many others.
    - Abilities were introduced as well as IVs and EVs, the base of all competitive Pokemon today.
    - Many Pokemon designs were different and quirky compared with previous Gens giving a real sense of variety between regions.
    - The Hoenn Region was brilliant in design, I know most people complain about the amount of surfing for the last half of the game but for me it was thrilling to discover the different islands. Sootopolis is my favourite City in all of the Pokemon world, hidden away in the middle of the ocean.

    So putting the Gens in order for me it'd be: 1. Gen III 2. Gen V 3. Gen II 4. Gen I 5. Gen IV

  13. redeye Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 16:39

    Diamond, Pearl and Platinum my first pokemon games which will for me always be the best.

  14. Redfish20 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 17:09

    Dear King Slazo

    Your defence of Gen V in reply to my ravings seems to be largely based on the fact that Black/White are better "metagames" than any of the others. I googled "metagame" had a quick read of the wikipedia page and am confused about how exactly I should have been playing B/W in a meta way. I am also slightly confused as to how B/W being made more meta (if that makes sense) means that they are better than previous games in the series. Could you please enlighten me.

    Sincerely Redfish20

  15. King Slazo Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 17:33

    The term metagame can be used to refer to both post game content and the competitive battling scene of a game.

    Plus, y'know, besides that they also had better design, an improved graphical engine allowing them to do a whole lot more with the world, an actual emphasis on story, a brilliant soundtrack... for the first time in the best part of a decade, they made Pokémon feel fresh and exciting, a feeling missing since... oooh... Gold and Silver.

  16. mushroomchow Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 18:11

    A tough choice between Gen 1 and 2 for me. I still play Gen 1 more than any other, but that's down to glitches. G/S/C are the more complete games, and so therefore there's nothing better. :)

    I would nominate Gen IV on the basis that Heartgold was awesome - possibly my favourite of all time - but Diamond and Pearl sucked too much for that accolade - hideously dull and almost turned me off Pokémon altogether until my friend convinced me to buy Black & White. Gen IV is probably the worst generation.

    Come at me, fanboys.

    Example 3. Trubish. The name says it all really.
    My vote lies firmly with gen IV.

    How you can slate Trubbish then defend a roster so half-baked it was filled with unneccesary prevolutions and evolutions is beyond me.

  17. Kirby8 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 18:14

    I think my vote is purely nostalgia and therefore lies with Gen I and Gen II. They're all great though and all have some fantastic pokémon. But I started my journey with R/B/Y when they first game out and love that Gen a lot. And Gen II pokémon have a lot of love because of the way the games link with R/B/Y.

  18. ThePokekid78 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 18:24

    The term metagame can be used to refer to both post game content and the competitive battling scene of a game.

    Plus, y'know, besides that they also had better design, an improved graphical engine allowing them to do a whole lot more with the world, an actual emphasis on story, a brilliant soundtrack... for the first time in the best part of a decade, they made Pokémon feel fresh and exciting, a feeling missing since... oooh... Gold and Silver.

    Slazo, I respect you on these forums, really do, but lets have a think about both parts of the metagame:

    1) Post game content - let's be honest, the Battle Frontier from Emerald has not been bettered yet. Even the HG/SS Frontier didn't have as many different events! If that doesn't make an amazing metagame, nothing does. It's all very well fighting much stronger trainers post-Elite 4, but they really were nothing compared to the Frontier.

    2) Competitive battling - this one I understand better, but really, if players are that serious about competitive battling they'll do 1 of 2 things: 1) Do it on pc, on a program like Pokemon Online or Shoddy, or 2) Pokesav items in - ie cheat - which straight away detracts from the rest of the experience, no? My point being, that if people are really into B/W just for the competitive battling, then there's a good chance they won't care for the other features which you mentioned in your 2nd paragraph...

  19. wizardgamer94 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 18:46

    Generation 2 because I started my journey as a pokemon trainer with gen 2. And some of my favourite pokemon are from generation 2 (Typhlosion, suicune etc). But for my 2nd place I'd have generation 3. I love black and white and their sequels but there was something about the 3rd generation that made it special. Maybe it was the battle frontier in emerald. Maybe it was the 2 amazing (in my opinion) criminal gangs, magma and aqua (no other generation has 2 criminal organisations). Or maybe it was the defining cutscene in emerald when Rayquaza came down from the skies and stopped Kyogre and Groudon from fighting. Or it could be all of these things. But that's just my opinion. All the generations are awesome and no matter what I will always love the games :)

  20. VinceLovesToast Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 19:20


  21. VinceLovesToast Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 19:25

    Gen 3 was the first game with good graphics like the ones we have 2day

  22. Drsayus123 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 19:30

    First the best. Can't beat the original. Had the best pokemon, was the most challenging and fun to play.

  23. KingoftheSocks Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 19:49

    Hoenn destroys. It made proper weather (And not the really bad weather that was in Gold and Silver, that was awful)

  24. Ai64 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 20:19

    My favourite is probably Generation II because it's the beginning of improving and development.
    Not to mention the introduction of day and night and breeding too.

  25. C00LI098 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 20:32

    Gen V is my clear winner. Gen IV follows, then III extremely close behind. I'm not quite sure how to rank the first two generations, but I think Gen II slips ahead.

    So, V>IV>III>II>I.

    That's strange. I'd never noticed that before. I guess I feel that they're always improving in quality.

    99% of fans who've played all five generations will tell you either Gen 3 or 4 are the worst one. Usually varies depending on what they thought of Hoenn, and when they started playing.

    Agreed, everyone is voting on pure nostalgia, I personally think that none of the gens are bad, but the most forgettable pokemon are from the 3rd gen. Gen 4 was way too similar to gen3, but had online battles and much easier menus for battles thanks to the touchscreen. Gen 2 is probably the best, but Gen 5 is still brilliant :mrgreen:

    What, really? I think Gen III had some of the most unique and interesting designs (Gen V's a close contender). There's not one Pokémon from III that I dislike.

  26. Clawfang93 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 20:44

    I don't see why a lot of people hate the Sinnoh gen just because Platinum was basically a slightly modified version of Diamond and Pearl (sprites and ending mainly). The 4th gen brought the Pokemon community the story of the creation of the Pokemon universe and a lot of new pokemon, and the team galactic grunts brought people hours of insane laughter, giggling at their stupid outfit and bowl haircuts.

  27. metalgario Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 22:47

    For me each gen has both great moments and it's flaws. What has let down pokemon the most for me is the transference to the home consoles that has been lost. Gen I and II made great use of the N64 Transfer system and brought Pokemon to a 3D environment for competitive play. My best memories are from bringing the 2D sprites to life on my TV screen.

    Yes the stories are good but they were always going to lose to the catch em all aspect that got tarnished with event pokemon from Gen III onwards. Now we get event pokemon through Wi-Fi so I'm happy with this again.

    I've just finished the main story in Black and White 2 and I think it has been the weakest story since Gen IV. I hope the afterplay makes up for this and it probably will once I have all 493 pokemon and can work on my Lv100's again.

    But Gen I started it all, we wouldn't be where we are without it, Gen II fixed some of the niggles with the gameplay, Gen III gave us the must needed Double Battles and abilities, Gen IV the better movepool and Gen V the graphics and connectivity.

  28. wiill 64 Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 at 22:50

    For me it's Gen II. It introduced so many things like Day and Night, breeding, hold items, and much more. Then you've got the best set of starters who are all a single type, and a proper rival who actually wants to be better than you. The music from these games are the best in the series and to top it all off you get two regions to explore.

  29. jonnypkmn168 Sunday 4th Nov 2012 at 00:35

    In my opinion, generation 3 was the best. Maybe it was because it was the first pokemon game that I really got into, despite my first game being silver. I was a few years older and I really understood the plot, the game mechanics etc. One of the main positives of generation 3 was the hoenn region- unbeatable if you ask me. This is why I'm so eager for remakes!

    2nd on my list is definitely generation 2. After beating 8 gyms and thinking you've completed the game, along comes another 8 gyms and an even bigger storyline- nice surprise or what?! The new pokemon introduced into generation 2 were also the best (scizor, suicune, blissey, tyranitar etc

  30. BanksLad Sunday 4th Nov 2012 at 10:53

    It's very true that the one you grew up with is most likely the one you will be most attached too. But I would argue that some things don't improve each generation up. I loved the fact that you could travel to a different region in GEN II and get sixteen badges, something that hasn't been done since-and I'm not really sure why. For this reason alone G/S/C still feels like one of the biggest games, despite being the second oldest (plus the remakes were incredible). I was hoping in the Gen V sequels you would be able to fly to at least a small part of another region-Hoenn being the obvious choice as it's the only one due a remake.

    Also, where's the love for Gen IV in the article? Don't think it gets metioned once. It seems an important entry to me as it was a return to form for the series after what many consider to be a lackluster entry in the form of Generation III.

  31. Apple_Pie Sunday 4th Nov 2012 at 11:42

    For me Gen III was the best, but purely for nostalgia reasons (my first pokemon game :') )
    I am glad to see that my top 3 are also in the top 3 of the polls. Gen II was great (i played heart gold and soul silver before gen II, and i much preferred the remakes) and Black & White (2) are up there with the best.

    Gen IV was the worst, no doubt. I didnt enjoy Gen I too much because it looked so primative to the pokemon games i was used to, but it was better than Gen IV. I want there to be another remake of Gen I as i didnt get a chance to play Fire Red/Leaf Green. A remake might change my mind on Gen I

  32. Dragonite96 Sunday 4th Nov 2012 at 13:00

    For me, Gen III is the best as it has been by far the most replayable. Kanto, Sinnoh, and to an extent, Unova, all tail off about half-way through the region for me - I have never actually completed a Fire Red or Platinum playthrough.
    Unova was more interesting, but vey linear and also very dependant on multiplayer for things like White Forest, Entralink, Join Avenue etc, which is all very well and good if you actually have other people to play with or a good internet connection. I had neither until very recently, so all those things sort of slid past me.
    I found Johto exciting and completed most of the game in around 4 days, my fastest playthrough by far, and Soulsilver is the Pokemon game I have the longest time on, something like 120 hours, but Gen III (Ruby) was the first game I played and the one I find I come back to most. I personally enjoyed the diverse environments and I also think the soundtrack is the best by far, with Verdanturf, Abandoned Ship, Fortree, the Surf theme, Route 120, Dive theme etc. Johto does, however, have nearly all my favourite Pokemon in the same place, and my favourite champion (along with battle music!)
    So for me, it goes: III, II, V, I, IV. I would say Hoenn and Johto are about equal, but Hoenn is slightly better in my opinion.

  33. NintendoFrewin Sunday 4th Nov 2012 at 13:04

    I voted for B/W, not B2/W2.

    Version 4 was not that good, I decided to buy "Pearl" and it really had no logic.
    B2/W2 is virtually a remix of B/W. But then again, every game is a remix of Version 1.

  34. HitsugayaFan95 Sunday 4th Nov 2012 at 13:40

    I wouldn't say gen 3 was the worst, but I can't see the appeal for it.

    I'm torn between 2 and 5. I grew up on crystal, yet gen 5 does everything right it possibly could; except for maybe taking out the constant running shoes option fro HG/SS.

  35. m_lockier Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 01:45

    [*]I started in Gen i - Blue - great game, especially for its time,
    [*]Then on Gen ii - Both Silver and Gold - my vote - fantastic, I started off with Silver and loved everything about it, it had what gen i was missing and the fact you could trade with the previous gen and go to another full region and battle with the protagonist and antagonist.
    [*]I was late to Gen iii - Emerald - the new pokemon were okay, the area was greatly varied though frustrating when you get to a path and find out you have the wrong bike and have to travel back through towns, routes, caves just to get back to that bike shop and switch bikes. And a some what nice idea about having to go a certain region to unlock caves to get some of the legendaries. - Leaf Green did take me back and the added Islands after you defeated the elite 4 was nice but more was needed to make it rememberable.
    [*] So on too Gen iV - Diamond - awful Sinnoh Region with pointless new HM Defog, with two many event pokemon added to the new list, though finally with the ds internet capabilities anyone can download those possible events from their house without having to travel across the country or using a cheat card. -- Heart Gold on the other hand took me back to first playing Gen ii, with nice new areas and with Gym Trainer rebattles was a nice touch. If Diamond and Pearl were better games then my vote would have been for them.
    [*]Finally Gen v - Black/White2 - I am a fan of the new "3d" animation of the sprites, and if you play gen v for ages then go back to gen iv and compare the speed differences esepcially in battle mode it is frustrating, Black is slighlty better than White 2 though really the are the same game, more or less, and hasn't really thrilled me.

    [*]So that comes to Gen vi - we will see new pokemon, but how many will be fully original and how many alternate versions of Gen v? Sure a nice varied region but hopefully the later HMS are decent rather than boring old Flash, Defog and Dive. One I'd would like to see is, keep the sports centres or tough trainer rematches (including gym leader) but alternate the type of match, from single, double, triple, rotate, and whatever new one the decide on next, if you want to create them use them more, but though saying that they could over do it and force it down on us. And how about finally have a Dark type gym, and the posbibility of the champion changing depending on what day it is. But enough hoping where ages away.

    C'mon Gen ii.

  36. Commandervideo Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 09:19

    Sinnoh is my favourite region but for every gen the game just gets better so it has to be GEN 5 as the best gen for me

  37. K-tet Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 11:32

    The best Pokémon generation? Hmm...

    Well let me set the five generation cards on the table.

    Gen I was the generation that started it all off, but in the grander scheme of things, actually was rather buggy, rather poor, and anyone that can fight with a Level 147 Victreebel just for the laughs might as well admit that it wasn't very good. However, with a storyline that set the tone for future generations, I won't say this was the worst generation, but it was pretty awful. Of course, reminiscing over it just makes me smile, so definitely not the worst. Also, plenty of Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise fans make their starters among the elite, with Venusaur nowadays being the premier Grass-type thanks to Chlorophyll.

    Gen II was the generation that continued on from Gen I as a direct sequel. The events that happened into Kanto carried on over in Johto. They shared the same Pokémon League HQ but more was done to it to show the change in time. Two new types were introduced that ultimately superseded Psychic and Rock-types, and IVs were introduced thanks to Hidden Power (which is still a stalwart now). The soundtrack was excellent, and being able to travel back to the Kanto region to fight the Gym Leaders there made it a smash hit. For me, Gen II was by far the best generation of them all, and fighting Red at the end of it just encapsulated the true canon of the manga. All in all, near perfection. And to think this would have been the end of Pokémon here. Well...

    Gen III was the mixed bag generation. Mixed bag because in some areas, it had the biggest impact on competitive play, but on the flip side, was archaic and actually worse than the previous generation. Its positives include perhaps the greatest set of starter Pokémon in history (as all three were viable and excellent in competitive play), an excellent soundtrack, a unique and quite brilliant pseudo-legendary in Metagross (yes Salamence is arguably better, but for me, Metagross is better), EVs that we take for granted today, as well as Pokémon natures and abilities. This should really have been the best generation, but it wasn't. The world map was rather simplistic and didn't really offer much in the way of memory, and its battle engine was two generations old and didn't do anything to compliment the changes 'under the hood'. Throw in a storyline that Greenpeace would be proud of and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster. This was for me, the worst generation, and both Fire Red and Leaf Green did next to nothing to salvage the generation except bring in a nostalgia factor with a couple of extras.

    Gen IV was an odd generation, and would've probably been in the worst generation category if it wasn't for its saving grace, the battle engine. Something that should've been in Gen III finally came over in Gen IV. Each move-type being categorised as either Physical, Special, or Status without having to worry about what Pokémon-type determined the move-type. The starter Pokémon in this generation were also pretty good: all being dual-types (and for the first time, a Water-type Pokémon was weak to both its Grass and Fire-type brethren). The storyline was pretty interesting albeit nothing too special, and a lot of the Pokémon that featured were expanded upon those of the older generations, however, being able to trade and battle online gave this generation a lot of strength, and speaking of strength, Cynthia. I don't know of another Champion that actually has the ability to sweep you clean. Lance? Not really. Blue? He could due to multiple variety. Steven? Again, not really, and the same with Wallace too. But what brings Gen IV further up the ladder were HeartGold and SoulSilver. The very fact that the best generation was remade using the current battle engine just made the games fit more into place. Which brings us to...

    Gen V. All Gen V did was refine the tried and tested and brought it all together. Give Game Freak credit for Black and White as they went back to the first gen roots and made it so that the first half of the game had nothing but brand new Pokémon. This was warmly received by all fans. However, the starter Pokémon were the worst in all the generations, without a single one being worthy of any credit. Fire/Fighting had been done to death, a fast defensive Grass Pokémon doesn't fit any bill whatsoever, and the Water-type missing out on Shell Smash? Yeah... the less said about that, the better. The storyline was more in-depth and quite dark despite it being watered down in the translation, but it pretty much was the best of the bunch. With more Electric and Bug-types making a huge impact this generation too, it also brought a lot of variety. It also made Psychic-types slightly more viable thanks in virtually all large parts to Reuniclus. It also featured one of the toughest Elite Four's (yeah... Caitlin and Grimsley could be taken down with Bug-types, Shauntal by her own type, and Marshal just sucks), and a Champion that was challenging (not really)... but once Black and White 2 came about, all that changed for the better. While the game largely remained the same, the Pokémon World Tournament twinned with PokéStar Studios, Join Avenue, and literally a plethora of other interesting features made the games stand out. The storyline carried on from its prequel and kept it true to form with flashbacks and throwbacks, and, at least since Cynthia perhaps, we had a champion that was actually quite difficult to beat in Iris. I would rate this as my second favourite.

    tl:dr, Gen 2 and Gen 5 were closely matched, with Gen 2 just taking it. Gen 4 third, Gen 1 fourth, and Gen 3 last.

  38. KingoftheSocks Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 12:33

    99% of fans who've played all five generations will tell you either Gen 3 or 4 are the worst one. Usually varies depending on what they thought of Hoenn, and when they started playing.

    I am the one percent, I may be recycling old material here but here goes.

    Generation 3 brought in some good and some bad things to pokemon like all generations have, whilst taking away the day night sections it added in a good number of great additions.

    First off the introduction of proper weather, whilst weather was technically introduced in gen 2, its form today was introduced in gen 3, with weather abilities introduced, all the weathers being added instead of three I believe, and adding moves that were affected by weather as well, Game freak has done well to keep on going with weather as it has made a big impact on the metagame, making pokemon like abomasnow and ninetails more effective with new roles such as weather starters.

    Secondly its post game additions whilst it wasn't connected to Kanto like Johto was, Hoenn still made quite a few improvements to the post game, improving the battle tower(My first battle tower match in gen two was against a Articuno, unfair), putting in entertaining contests, catching legendaries such as latias or latios, or even rayquaza, emerald added in the Battle Pyramid and what I believe to be the first time with rental pokemon (I may be wrong though).

    Thirdly its added in pokemon that have proven to be popular and great threats in past and present metagames. Pokemon like Breloom and Swampert have both been powerful in the metagame and are both used extensively in their own tiers, then with kyogre and Groudon both adding in weather the Uber tier was more fearsome than ever, there may be some bad pokemon in there, but there are also some great ones as well, just like every other generation.

    Fourthly it sorted out some of the glitches that gen 2 had, one particular one that sticks in my mind was the rest sleep talk glitch where if you used sleep talk and used rest from it, you would then fall asleep again and regain all your health, effectively resetting the rest counter, basically a sleep within a sleep.

    I could go on about why I liked gen 3, such as making the weather a very usable base form a storyline. what I think to be a great world and some other great pokemon, improving the dragon type with actual dragons and not pokemon that look like dragons, Charizard I'm looking at you, Altaria, salamence and their evolution lines made the dragon type a much easier type to find. And arguably the best starters, one of them is so good that it's an uber.

    But one last thing before I go, if you complain about the vast amount of water, then please, buy some repels, don't blame the game for your lack of preparing

  39. King Slazo Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 12:59

    Maybe you misread me? The comment stated that most players who've played all five gens will find either Gen3 OR 4 to be the worst. I have no idea whether you see the Sinnoh games as the weak link, the point is more fans usually perceive that or Hoenn to be the weakest.

    But seeing as I'm bored, I'll rebuttal your Gen3 comments.

    Weather was already promiment in Gen2. I'm not gonna deny abilities helped it become an important part of the game, but then again, abilties were by far the most important thing Gen3 introduced fullstop, so that's hardly surprising.

    Post-game. Firstly, if you think Articuno is unfair, ahahah. Gen3 was also the beginning of legendary overload, which was only amplified in Gens 4 and 5. And rental's were in the Stadiums before the Frontier. Can't and won't argue against contests though, they were at their best in Gen3.

    Metagame. Well, every gen adds Pokémon that are used then and beyond. That's nothing new.

    Glitches. I'm sure if I went on Bulbapedia I could list battle engine glitches from Gen3, so them fixing those is again, nothing new.

    And as for water. I don't have a problem with wild Pokémon encounters, I got used to Tentacool in the first two gens and frankly, its just an extremely large patch of grass. My problem is that it was boring. Giant blue expanses don't usually make for entertainment. Don't get me wrong, they can do (Great Sea in Windwaker), but in Pokémon you just go around without any real direction looking for something to do. The sea routes near... Pacifidlog? The ones with currents, they were fun because they made you think, but otherwise, they're just chores that you never go back to once you've made it to the other side.

  40. KingoftheSocks Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 14:28

    I could go on Bulbapedia myself and reel off a list of glitches for gen 2, if anything I believe gen 2 to be the weak link. Mainly because it focussed a lot on Kanto being part of the map, Johto itself was a small map containing very little in it, without Kanto there is very little I believe that made me like Gen 2, don't get me wrong I think its a good game, just not as good as the others,

    A few other notes though, thank you for pointing out the thing about rental pokemon, I have never played stadium. But I was talking about the main pokemon games.

    You talk about improving metagame to other users but when used as an argument against you you bat it away.

    Legend overload I would think started in gen 4 where it added 11 or more legendaries 9I haven't done a final count yet and I'm not counting forms like giratina origin),

    When I said the water remark I wasn't pointing it at you personally (None of my post was just that first bit) just anyone who was annoyed at the sea and used the lame excuse of that there were too many tentacool, this is no different to zubats in a cave or ratatas in grass.

    Personally I liked the water in gen three, it was fun finding all the caves and cities that were in the water, and this was when dive was also at its best.

    And for those about to say, he only likes it for the nostalgia, I don't, I have played through both Crystal and Sapphire recently, so I know what both of them are like without reverting to long lost memories of playing them as a kid.

    But (This time at you Slazo) I'm sure we could both fill up this entire page of me and you ranting on about which one is better and worse and our reasons, but for the sake of everyone here lets not

  41. K-tet Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 15:14

    *reads the unfolding argument between Slazo and Socks, and nods*

    Gentlemen, you both bring up interesting points of defence, all of which are valid. However, you're only stalemating yourselves. It might be worth carrying this on via PM if you both wish to continue such a heated debate. ^.~

    Better still, have a Pokémon battle. A full six-on-six should settle the score between you both.

  42. KingoftheSocks Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 15:24

    Read the bottom part of my last post.

    Plus we're not arguing, we're debating, there's a difference

  43. K-tet Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 15:30

    Plus we're not arguing, we're debating, there's a difference

    Nice try Socks, but both are the same thing when it comes to a discussion on a focal topic/point. -1 for effort.

  44. KingoftheSocks Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 15:41

    Plus we're not arguing, we're debating, there's a difference

    Nice try Socks, but both are the same thing when it comes to a discussion on a focal topic/point. -1 for effort.

    Arguing is alot more violent, including shouting, swearing, long winded curses and with the two arguers being angry at each other.

    Debating is when two people express their viewpoints in a civil manner, and are doing it because they wish to see other people's points of view.

    Getting back to the topic at hand Gen three is the best and that is my opinion, people who wish to like me and slazo wish to express their viewpoints in a long winded presentation of all available evidence please feel free

  45. K-tet Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 15:45

    I'll keep this short. I did read your message before you edited it (and rightly so, you had no reason to blow your stack), and I have no issue with your correction. Thank you for making the necessary edits Socks.

    On that note, carry on.

  46. thenintendoer Monday 5th Nov 2012 at 18:48

    my first game was crystal so i kinda have a soft spot for that geenration i also like the G1 remakes i no not G2 but they came out arouhnd the same time so have some of the same features id say G4 was my least favourite as it was the least inovative and had one of my least favourite roster of pokemon

  47. mercuryred Tuesday 6th Nov 2012 at 14:30

    Although clearly the weakest on a technical level, I feel Generation 1 had more of an impact than any that have since followed, and it will likely stay that way.

    Pokémon- as an experience- has never felt better than it did in Generation 1 for me. Every game since changed and refined the series, but in a way, it's become too perfect. It's become... stagnant, I suppose.

  48. Pyron12 Thursday 8th Nov 2012 at 17:07

    Gen 3 all the way. :D Gen 1 is horribly overrated. Why? First, the glitches. The only Gen 1 glitch I like was Missingno like a lot of people but the others were... not so great. Then there is the region. I find Kanto not very memorable. The only places that actually impact me was Cerulean Cave and Lavender Town (we all know lavender town by now so no point in me explaining why) and that was it. Next, the pokemon. Most of them are... unoriginal and bland (seel is a seal, pidgeot is a pigeon and Ekans is a snake. Is that really original?) and the only good ones are Alakzam, Charziard, Mewtwo and Eevee.
    Gameplay wise Gen 1 was awful. Psychic types had NO weaknesses and were only resistant to themselves and fighting type (I think but I can't remember). Team Rocket whilst good and hilarious in the anime, really weren't great in the games.

    Generation 3 was so good! It's the only generation too feature two GOOD teams whose motivation made sense by the two legendaries were featured on the box art and were intertwined in the sister game to create the greatest storyline and the leaders are a serious cut above Giovanni. Then RSE introduced abilities and natures giving pokemon more characteristic than just having a types, stats and moves. Next thing is that double battles were introduced and that changed everything about battles. The pokemon were well-designed and memorable. My favorites include Rayquaza, Aggron, Blaziken, Swampert, Ninjask, Regice, Hariyama, Flygon, Salamence, Metagross and the king of them all, Deoxys. Hoenn is also an incredibly memorable place. Particular favorites of mine include the Battle Frontier, Sky Tower, Sootoplis City, and many more.

  49. mercury9 Thursday 8th Nov 2012 at 18:16

    Best - Gen I

    Worst - Gen III

    Calling the original 151 Pokemon "unoriginal" is silly as by their very nature, they were all very original what with them being the very first batch and all :shock:

    A Pokemon modeled on real world animals doesn't mean that it is unoriginal but that it is simply referencing something that people and especially young children years ago, would have enjoyed. .

    This is why Twilight has more fans than Nosferatu and that's why the world blows. The first is and always will be the best and that's just how it is!

  50. PrincessGingy Thursday 8th Nov 2012 at 19:55

    For me, as a single player and not competitive battler, Gen II was the best for me. I was brought up with Gen I and have played every generation since but Gen II for me had the best play through with the extra region and, for me, was the last Gen before the pokemon designs started looking desperate and not unique. I hardly remembered any pokemon names and none really captured my heart after Gen II, also legendary overload from Gen III onwards annoyed me, and that is why Gen II's my favourite. GEN IV was poor, I remember hardly anything from it. And I have to be honest, White 2 is starting to bore me, I feel like I've had too much of pokemon because I played through White (having played through Black originally) just before B2/W2 came out. It's nice to have more than just a simple remake but it's still not enough of a difference to keep me interested and this is the first time, sadly, I have felt like this about pokemon.

  51. raphaelcoelho15 Monday 12th Nov 2012 at 19:30

    For me, the 1st Generation was REALLY good and, for many of us, my first contact to a Pokémon game. But my favorite is the 2nd Generation for having the option to explore two regions, for having plenty of thigns to do, to be able to get 16 badges and the fact that you can defeat Red. For me, it was like defeating myself, of course that maybe your team is not the same as Red but I think you guys understood me. Anyway, the 5th Generation is tied in the third place for me, of course that Game Freak made a good job like the organization on bag like using items and other small things. In the third place with the 5th for me is the 3rd Generation. It was different from the first 2 generations, i'm not only saying that the graphics were better but they were different, and it was like a big change for me, the legendary pokémons and the way to get them was really amazing and the story behind them too. And then, comes the 5th Generation with Black and White with another region that, for me, is a great region and the idea for Black and White having different preferences and style was really good. What, in my opinion, determines that the 5th Generation is not better than and not worst than the 3rd Generation is the fact that Black 2 and White 2 disappointed me because I really was expecting something like Gold and Silver with two regions and plenty of things to do. Maybe you should be asking yourselves why I thought it would have two regions to explore, well, if you look closely at he number "2" at the olgo of both games it's like they are made of precious rocks (Ruby and Sapphire) and the fact that this year the 3rd Generation will make 10 years (and there's nothing about a remake or something like that) so, it gave me some hope that finally Nintendo/Game Freak would made another Pokémon game featuring two regions. But, the good thing is that the continued the story of N and it's a great pokémon game for a big fan like me.

  52. Coby Friday 22nd Feb 2013 at 04:12

    I would like to start off by saying that my personal favorite generation of the Pokémon games is the second. I feel that in terms of improvements it was the best: it offered an expanded map, a addition to the Pokémon on the game (real addition, not just picking and choosing existing Pokémon). Another big improvement made in the second generation is the addition of day and night into the game and, because of that addition, the implementation of Pokémon available only during the day. Adding in the first story line that is based on the confrontation of a legendary Pokémon as the key point of the game is something that was started with the second generation and has been copied by all the games that have followed it. I feel that the biggest and the most important contribution this game is the ability to battle 16 gym leaders and the elite 4. This is something that has not been done since and I would like to ask why, but that is a question for another time. Still the idea of being able to go back and battle a stronger version of the original gym leaders is a huge addition as well as battling the all mighty Red the original trainer as your finial challenge of the game.
    The statement “99% of fans who've played all five generations will tell you either Gen 3 or 4 are the worst one. Usually varies depending on what they thought of Hoenn, and when they started playing.” This is backed up by nothing but pure opinion no fact is stated here. I would also like to point out the pole that is at the top of the page here sais that the most popular gen is the second with gen three coming in second.

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