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Wii U Chat video - everything you need to know about Nintendo's video chat service

Are you looking forward to using Wii U Chat?

You can see Nintendo President Satoru Iwata enjoying video chat with US chief Reggie Fils-Aime in this Wii U Chat video .

Wii U Chat is installed on the Wii U and enables you to chat with friends on your Wii U GamePad or on your television. You can even draw on the screen and, best of all, enjoy video chat when you are watching TV. Iwata said you could be watching a sports game and talk about the game with a friend while it's taking place.

Also, when you're playing a game, the Home button on the GamePad will flash to let you know that you are awaiting a video call via Wii U Chat.


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  1. shy guy 64 Thursday 8th Nov 2012 at 10:30

    i honestly dont see the point

  2. imbusydoctorwho Thursday 8th Nov 2012 at 14:23

    So it's basically Nintendo's own version of Skype.
    While I do like this idea,I can't see myself using it.

  3. pokemaster Thursday 8th Nov 2012 at 17:04

    Having friends all over the world thanks to the 3DS, and Colors! quite a few of them are getting a Wii U, but dont have Skype, so am looking forward to chatting to them. Could be really good fun if you have some good friends. Just hope it works better than my Skype.

  4. BattleGooseUK Thursday 8th Nov 2012 at 23:00

    I just... want... party chat, like xbox 360... why do you have to be so good Nintendo but suck so hard at the same time?

  5. KairiZero Friday 9th Nov 2012 at 12:18

    I think I would use it, I know my brother is planning on getting Wii U, and I could use it to video chat with my family, which would be quite a nice thing for me :) I'm a little dissapointed in the lack of a "party" system though for inter-game chat.....You would have thought Ninty would have considered this and got on the ball with that one!

  6. IPecksU Friday 9th Nov 2012 at 15:15

    It's nice but I'd like to have party chat so I can talk to my friends while we're playing different games

  7. Cidiyance Friday 9th Nov 2012 at 19:42

    Oh god damn it, can you just give us a free WiiU already?

    Although I have a few questions:
    A bloody skull: Will this baby of an attraction to us socially committed folk be able to use this cross Facebook cam connectivity?
    Pale face bride: Will you be able to communicate with more then one person?
    and... just a horses head... yes, I am evil: Will there be OPERATING cam chat whilst gaming?

    I think out of all these horried thing they could create something innovative for future updates, but I think I am just too impatient at this point.

  8. Hams96 Saturday 10th Nov 2012 at 05:15

    This actually looks really good, I can see myself soon using this to talk to my friends instead of Facebook.

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