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ONM Podcast 41 is out there, watching, waiting...

It's a non-redesigned redesign extravaganza!

So you've bought your new issue of ONM, marveled at its spectacular new lines, boxes and big pictures, gasped at the Wii U review scores and now you want something a little less informed, slightly manic and generally more prone to talking about the etymology of the word "borked". We've got you covered.

This makes more sense once you've listened.
This makes more sense once you've listened.
ONM Podcast 41 sees Chandra, Matthew, Tom, Chris, myself and the returning Gavin Murphy having an in-depth talk about the biggest Wii U launch games, answering Layton-style puzzles set by listeners (they're nuts, thank you) and having a conversation about how to properly care for Lithium-Ion batteries. Yeah.

If you want a direct link to the mp3, you got it. Want to grab it on iTunes? SHABLAM. We're all over the internet. Give it a listen, we'd be ever so grateful.

Also, if you want to hear us getting very, very excited, look out for an ONM Podcast special coming out on the 29th. We'll be filming it too, but you audiophiles will be able to grab an episode dedicated to every UK Wii U launch title just in time for you to make the right decisions on the day we're dubbing Early Christmas.

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