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Sumo: 'We hope Mario Kart takes a leaf from Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed'

Sumo say Sonic Racing pushes kart racing to the next level

Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed beat Mario Kart to become the first kart racing game on Wii U and developer Sumo is hoping that Nintendo will have to follow the hedgehog's lead when the plumber makes his racing debut on Wii U.

Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed features flying and racing on the water but according to Sumo's Steve Lycett it's very different from recent Mario Kart games.

"I'd say that we're a very different experience," Lycett told mywiiu. "Not only does the multi-surface play make it very fresh, but we're also exploring lots of different SEGA games which really varies the levels you'll play on. Mario Kart tends to stick to the Mario universe instead.

"On top of that the split-screen everywhere mantra means that you can take 5 players all the way through the game, and online, which is a big step up from what's been before."

All that means that Lycett is looking forward to seeing what Nintendo produce with Mario Kart. "What I'm hoping is Nintendo will now have to take a leaf from our game for their next Mario Kart. I think we've pushed the genre forward with this game - that and it's really good honest fun and real gamers games."

Do you think Mario Kart should take a leaf from Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed?


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  1. AiDeNintendude Thursday 22nd Nov 2012 at 11:17


  2. MartinIsAwesome Thursday 22nd Nov 2012 at 12:46

    Now he's said that, you know that Nintendo EAD Software Development Group No. 1 are going to be all like "Nope. We're doing it like this".

  3. Herbert_Rarr Thursday 22nd Nov 2012 at 18:50

    I want MK Wii U to have a similar layout to MK Wii, courses up to the spec of Double Dash!! (the ones in MK 7 didn't hit the right key with me), gameplay similar to that of MK 7 and a lot more customization options in terms of kart body, courses (please!) and unlockables.
    I don't think there is much wrong with the formula of recent games.
    As for what S&ASRT can bring to Mario Kart, I'm not sure. I like how each game gives a different experience.

  4. IPecksU Thursday 22nd Nov 2012 at 19:11

    I want more tracks that have 3 sections rather than 3 laps, they felt less repetitive.

  5. jonnyjazz Thursday 22nd Nov 2012 at 23:04

    I think that by the looks of things the ideas for Sonic and All Stars Racing look good, the multiplayer modes and the whole extra camera on the controller seem like good ideas. The problem is I have the sinking feeling that they aren't going to be implemented that well, if the first one is anything to go by I think that it's going to be a nice mix up of normal kart racers but it doesn't seem like anything that's going to put any pressure on the Mario kart team.

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