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Miyamoto explains the origins of Pikmin

Olimar was added later

It is often said that Pikmin was inspired by Miyamoto's love of gardening but in a new interview with GamesMaster, Nintendo's legendary designer discussed the origins of a series that will return to Wii U next year.

Miyamoto admitted that Nintendo don't always have clear-cut goals when they start making a game. "There are a variety of different ways for us to create videogames. Sometimes from the very outset we have some clear-cut goals towards which we start working. On the other hand we have cases when we don't have any kind of clear-cut image as to what kind of game it will eventually be but rather we have a very vague image of whatever we would like to establish or realise."

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Pikmin would appear to be one of the games which wasn't so clear-cut. "In the case of Pikmin 1 our original idea was how it would be nice if we would be able to see a bunch of small creatures doing something," said Miyamoto. "Something like, they are protecting their own village and at the same time they are trying to grow and expand that village."

He added that Olimar was added later on in the design process. "Later on we added the feature so that the player character will be there. But at the beginning I thought that it wouldn't be interesting enough because in that original development mode the Pikmin were used as if [they were] weapons. To be utilised, to be shot by the player themselves."

Pikmin 3 is released for Wii U during the second quarter of 2013. Are you looking forward to it?

You can read the full interview with Shigeru Miyamoto in the January issue of GamesMaster which is on sale now. You can buy the magazine, , the the iOS version, or the Android version by following the links.


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  1. 5OUNDWAVE Monday 17th Dec 2012 at 10:38

    hell yeah , have never played the first 2 , so the whole pikmin thing will be new 2 me , i don't know what 2 expect !

  2. danbish Monday 17th Dec 2012 at 16:55

    hell yeah , have never played the first 2 , so the whole pikmin thing will be new 2 me , i don't know what 2 expect !

    I highly recommend you find the first two games and play them, you'll be in for the time of your life! I adore Pikmin games!

  3. Mr Roboto Monday 17th Dec 2012 at 17:55

    hell yeah , have never played the first 2 , so the whole pikmin thing will be new 2 me , i don't know what 2 expect !

    Just watch some YouTube gameplay videos and you'll get the idea.

    Great game!

  4. Rufan Monday 17th Dec 2012 at 20:06

    I played the first one but I didn't do so well at it, but I might give this Pikmin game a chance

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