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Best Starter Pokemon

Who is the best Starter Pokemon of all time? Here's your top five

It's one of the toughest decisions you ever have to make in gaming. Water, Fire or Grass? Which Starter Pokemon will you choose? It's hard enough picking between three but you've chosen your top five Starter Pokemon of all time. here they are.

5. Cyndaquil

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This Pokemon Gold and Silver Starter is a Fire Mouse, capable of defending itself with the flames rising from its back. Having said that, those with a puerile sense of humour might suggest that it looks like he's lit one of his own trumps. Anyway, Cyndaquil also stars in an episode of the anime called Good Quil Hunting and that pun is as good a reason as any for including it in our top five. Its evolution is one of the biggest transformations in Pokémon as it evolves from a Fire Mouse into a Volcano Pokemon called Quilava. Sadly, there is no sign of lava on this Pokemon, just flames rising from its head and bum. Sorry, we mean back...

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33 comments so far...
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  1. NintendoForLife Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 09:59

    Chimchar should have made the list! My first gen and starter. Infernape is sooo powerful.

  2. King Slazo Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 10:09

    I'd love to know where we're getting these results from. Certainly isn't the Pokéforum. Anyway...

    Bulbasaur has no place in a best starters list (Charmander and Squirtle are both faaaar better) and neither does Cyndaquil (surpassed by Totodile). Good to see there's no Gen4 starters though, Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup were a bit bland and annoying.

  3. shy guy 64 Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 10:27

    cyndaquil and oshawott are by far my favrouites

  4. lrwr14 Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 10:46

    Torchic would be my number one, it's final form just looks amazing. I think Gen 3 are my favourite starters, they went downhill a bit after that.

  5. vtheyoshi Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 10:55

    Why isn't Turtwig on here?
    And where is Amaterasu? Oh wait..........

  6. Pallaton Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 12:18

    Charmander? No Charmander.. I was disappointed with this. Charmander should definitely be on there.. Good list though. :)

  7. greenpo08 Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 13:04

    WHAT THE HECK IS BULBASAUR doing on there, it should be todile :x

  8. JaySuthEFC Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 13:06

    Bulba <3

  9. Pyron12 Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 13:17

    Agree with all except Bulbasaur. Chimchar deserves Bulbasaurs spot because it is so awesome and evolves into an epic pokemon.

  10. Mew3 Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 13:24

    Charmander, Totodile, Torchick, Treeco and Chimchar should be on here. How the heck is Bulbasaur better than Charmander!?

  11. blaziken411 Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 14:53

    should have been chimchar, mudkip, treeko, torchic and charmander

  12. ThePokekid78 Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 15:51

    Ahahahhhaa, this list made me laugh! When 2 out of 5 of the 'best' starters are from Gen 5, you know it's a troll article :lol:

    Seriously though, who actually voted for a Gen 5 starter? Black/White 2 is the first pokemon game in which I've actually ditched my starter from my team (and I've played all of them), that's how bad they are...

  13. NeonTailsPrower Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 16:08

    All Grass suck ass! My first game was Platinum and I started with Turtwig and Torterra Can even beat my friends Infernape so I say Grass Sucks Ass Baby!

  14. noobgamer9 Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 16:12

    I'm sure i've read this article before. Tom, I'm getting a bit sick of all these poor features filling up your website. News coverage is good but please could the whole team focus on getting more reviews on to the website, rather than having to wait for the next issue of ONM.

  15. Toquill Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 17:19

    Ok- Here are my top starters for each gen...

    GSC- Chikorita - Too cute, one of my favourites.
    RSE- Mudkip - Swampert is Water/Ground, eliminating its electric weakness completely, though it's grass weakness is doubled so...
    DPP- Turtwig - Torterra can rebound against it's fire weakness with a STAB Earthquake! RAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR!!1
    BW- Snivy - Just look at it- awesome.

    Notice I didn't pick any fire types- That's because of Charizard having horrible typing, and the latest three having the same Fire/Fighting typing- it gets too boring for me (Nothin' on Cyndaquil though!)

  16. torterratrainer Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 18:02

    they arnt really the best... just pretty cool looking. of each region these are the best.

    1. Charizard
    2. feralligator
    3. Swampert -(all hoen starters are the most poweful starters in my eye but the best is the mudkippinator)
    4. Torterra
    5. fire pig thing

  17. cthesupergenius Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 19:35

    I love all the starter Pokemon, except Torchic. And Chikorita. Oh and Piplup.

  18. JamieRIOT Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 22:37

    I always love the water Pokemon best. Squirtle is my all time favourite Pokemon and should have easily made this list ;)

  19. MrGooseyMoose Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 22:41

    Oo, did your list make a few people angry or what?

    Anyways. Bulbasaur is my favourite starter for sure, but Charmander ought to have been on this list IMO, along with maybe Totodile. Still, I like all of these guys so I ain't gonna complain too much. :)

  20. Messi97 Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 at 23:14

    This should really go like this:

    5. Cyndaquil
    4. Mudkip
    3. Totodile
    2. Charmander
    1. Torchic

  21. Deborah Sunday 23rd Dec 2012 at 00:23

    How can you have a list of starter Pokémon... without charmander?
    I shake my head at thee onm. I am disappoint.

  22. Dave-O Sunday 23rd Dec 2012 at 01:01

    Snivy is the derp of Pokemon, seriously this list sucks. The five best starters are Charmander, Mudkip, Torchic, Turtwig and Piplup. I made this list by how powerful and how well they do throughout the game, I'm sure people will agree.

  23. concernedcamel Sunday 23rd Dec 2012 at 01:06

    Where's my boy Squirtle?

  24. Gapa Sunday 23rd Dec 2012 at 09:27

    I really just don't understand why Charmander isn't on here!

  25. GamerGuyN Sunday 23rd Dec 2012 at 20:10

    You're right cause the best starter on their original form are Balbasaur and Mudkip, I love Blaziken but i dont like Torchic and its the starter so... BALBASAUR

  26. sciqueen Sunday 23rd Dec 2012 at 20:47

    Mudkip?! You losers. Where is Totodile? Why isn't Charmander here?!

  27. fisher2007 Sunday 23rd Dec 2012 at 21:06

    i don't have a favorite Starter Pokemon.

  28. Jped2D Sunday 23rd Dec 2012 at 22:15

    Good List! I don't know how Charmander wasn't on here though. Maybe it's nostalgia but he will always be my favorite :D

  29. Combusken Monday 24th Dec 2012 at 13:22

    Is there a cuter Starter Pokemon than Ruby and Sapphire Starter Mudkip? With its orange starry gills, oversized Mohawk (yes, we know it's technically a fin) and huge happy grin, it looks so adorable that you just want to take it home in your pocket. You might want to wash your coat afterwards as it might be smelly - Mudkip is a mud fish, after all. When it evolves, it looks even happier, but nothing beats the feeling of opening the Pokeball and seeing Mudkip smile back at you.

    Mudkip is cute? I disargee as in my honest opinion Mudkip is ugly! It is Mudkip's face that makes it ugly to me but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Yes, there's a cuter Starter Pokemon than Ruby and Sapphire Starter Mudkip and the name of the cutest Starter in Ruby and Sapphire is Torchic and Torchic beats the feeling of opening the Pokeball and seeing Mudkip's ugly grin back at you. Torchic should have been in the top 5 Best Starter Pokemon.

  30. Rainbow Shifter Monday 24th Dec 2012 at 13:30

    I don't have an overall favourite starter Pokemon but I have my favourite in each Gen.

    Gen I: Charmander
    Gen 2: Totodile
    Gen 3: Mudkip
    Gen 4: Chimchar
    Gen 5: Snivy

    Strange how my favourite type is Fire and my least favourite is Water.... Yet two of my favourite starter Pokemon are water! Just shows I'm not biased

  31. zekrom18 Wednesday 30th Jan 2013 at 09:57

    what? why there no torchic and charmander? I'm happy that cyndaquil made it but torchic would've been the best competitor i'd say!

    first of all blaziken has the best all around attack stat out of all final evolutions of the starters, AND it looks amazing.
    then there's charizard - not only does he look like a dragon, but all of his evolutions are awesome. Plus he's the only fire and flying final evolution of the starters!
    geez lol

  32. zekrom18 Wednesday 30th Jan 2013 at 10:01

    Mudkip?! You losers. Where is Totodile? Why isn't Charmander here?!

    i agree with charmander but totodile?hmm, its cute at first but then crocnaw evolves at only level thirty, and i don't really think feraligatr isvery strong.... i suppose every one has likes and dislikes :)

  33. harrytaylor Saturday 11th May 2013 at 12:15

    i think the 3 best starter pokemon are

    chimchar because it is a fire and fighting type

    mudkip becuase it is a water and ground type

    snivy because it is a grass type.

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