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It's the ONM Christmas Video

Merry Christmas from ONM and the forum!

It's become as traditional as turkey with cranberry sauce, Christmas Pudding with brandy butter and a depressing edition of Eastenders. Yes, it's the ONM Christmas video! Introduced by ONM's Chandra Nair and Matthew Castle, it's packed with lots of festive messages from ONM readers and forum members. Forget the Queen's Speech. This is the only Christmas message you need to watch this year. Although ours isn't in 3D!


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  1. PeterR Tuesday 25th Dec 2012 at 01:43

    Tobeh, I have that hat! Also have a good christmas all.

  2. Alaxtis Tuesday 25th Dec 2012 at 06:20

    Merry Christmas everyone, am just doing the system update on my new Wii U, about three quarters of the way there! :D

  3. torterratrainer Tuesday 25th Dec 2012 at 08:17

    i would love to fire up the new white wii-u (i'm looking at the NSMBU disk and manual) but i'm not ready to set it up as the update is quite a hinderence. mabe during Xmass-lunch

  4. hooeylewissukz Tuesday 25th Dec 2012 at 13:13

    PsychoPikmin trounced the competition.
    It was a competition, right?
    Merry Christmas x

  5. fisher2007 Tuesday 25th Dec 2012 at 20:22

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  6. mushroomchow Tuesday 25th Dec 2012 at 23:55

    I am honoured to have been featured once again in everyone's exalted company. Merry Christmas, y'all.

    God knows what i'm gonna do next year now...

  7. OrangeRakoon Wednesday 26th Dec 2012 at 00:47

    A very Psycho Pikmin
    Merry Christmas all!

  8. Nintendofreak03 Thursday 27th Dec 2012 at 04:02

    I'd say mushroom how was best :mrgreen:

  9. vtheyoshi Saturday 29th Dec 2012 at 18:19

    That was cool. Colette, I love your shirt! I want one!
    Mushroomchow, that was amazing.
    Pyshcopikmin.................. Pyshcopikmin.... I'm speechless.

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