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Why Pikmin 2 is better than Pikmin 1

Miyamoto wants a return to the stress levels of Pikmin but fan Colette Barr says she prefers the sequel

So it's 2013 and an exciting new year for video games is upon us, with the likes of Scribblenauts Unlimited, Aliens Colonial Marines, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Rayman Legends all due for release but the one game that I'm particularly excited about is Pikmin 3.

I've always been a Pikmin fan. How could I not be?! The characters are adorable, the story is always full of intergalactic magic and Nintendo fans like myself are now eagerly awaiting the latest instalment for Wii U; after all, it has been nine years since the last Pikmin game!

We have been teased with beautiful HD trailers, the introduction of new characters, and Wii U GamePad features. However, this week Miyamoto let us all in on some new Pikmin 3 information. The new Pikmin is going to return to its roots and be more like the original version, bringing the stress levels back!

This news seemed to divide the fanbase a little. Many gamers (including myself) much preferred the style of Pikmin 2 over the original and though I did love the first version when it came out, I don't really like time limits in games.

The reason being I'm constantly in a panic looking at the decreasing amount of time I have left to get tasks done and I feel that this stopped me from perhaps enjoying all the aspects the game had to offer. It was a strategy game and I never really felt like I had time to think things through properly or experiment with different ways of playing.

Additionally, the game only lasted a few hours. Despite the stress, I stuck with it as I found it an enchanting game and even though I found it troublesome at times, that didn't distract from the fact that its story was great, the visuals were fantastic and it was completely unique.

Pikmin 2
Pikmin 2
Therefore, I was excited when Pikmin 2 was released. Sure, it was awesome that more Pikmin colours had been introduced but that was nothing compared to the fact that time limits were no more! Gamers were free to spend as long as they liked to finish the game and that, for me. pretty much made the game perfect. Also a two-player mode became available, allowing you to challenge a friend to a super fun Pikmin battle.

Pikmin 2 was definitely a more enjoyable game for me, the main reason being that the timed aspect was gone. I'd have expected therefore to feel mega disappointed by what Miyamoto has said about Pikmin 3 but the truth is: I'm not.

Pikmin 3
Pikmin 3
I first played the Pikmin 3 demo all the way back in June and I fell in love with it. It's yet another amazing game and the biggest worry on my mind isn't the time limits but when can I actually have the whole game! I think we need to trust Miyamoto's decision. Everything so far looks and feels great and I really don't think timed modes will ruin it. I guess we will have to wait and see! What do you think? Did you prefer Pikmin 1 or Pikmin 2?


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  1. Jameseyey Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 08:36

    I didn't really find a problem with pikmin 1. I finished the game with a few days left on my first try and there is a still time limit on each day in Pikmin 2 so if you feel rushed in Pikmin 1 you probably feel rushed in Pikmin 2. The problem I had with Pikmin 2 was the caves that you had to go through and most of them were quite generic. There were a few like Submerged castle which only allowed you to bring blue pikmin into and had Waterwraiths. However, most of the caves were rather generic and I much preferred playing above ground.

  2. shy guy 64 Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 10:27

    ive not played pikmin 1 so i cant really say

  3. Ymmot392 Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 10:43

    I really don't feel like the time limit is even bad... It only punishes players for being extremely lazy and procrastinating. It's not difficult to collect multiple parts per day. It's all about using your time strategically, which is why this game is categorized as a strategy game. I've never thought that the 30 days limited anything. The first few times I played this game, I got 1-3 parts per day, and had plenty of time to explore the planet. Now I can speedrun the game in 9 days. Of course, sometimes I play through the game casually, musing in the beauty of the game.

  4. MrGooseyMoose Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 11:45

    Agree with most of the comments here. The time limits weren't so dire that you couldn't enjoy the game, or appreciate everything that it had to offer. And hell, even if you did somehow miss out on loads of it because you were so focused on getting all of the pieces on time (though surely if that were the case you would still see every bit of the game, considering that the pieces are dotted around a fair ol' bit...) then it just makes for a good excuse to play it through a second time and be surprised by some of the corners of the world that you didn't previously stumble across.

    Pikmin was a great game. The time limits were a key reason for why it was so great, to me.

    Side note: the caves in Pikmin 2 make that game suck IMO. The above ground bits were great but you spent so little time in them that they became redundant - they were just hubs from which you could access the boring underground bits. I hope they do not return.

    Cannot wait for PIkmin 3, at any rate. Scuse all the apparant negativity and stuff. :P

  5. fritzfrapp Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 12:28

    2 was the complement of 1 – they're both brilliant and yet different. And I love them both equally.

  6. Baker1000 Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 13:28

    Someone on here had a good suggestion the other day. It would be better if there was the best of both worlds. You initially have a set number of days to get the job done, but if you manage to succeed you can then fly back like in Pikmin 2 in order to collect more items to earn money, but without the day limit.

    Even without the limit on the number of days you have, there's still a limit on the number of minutes you can spend in the level before it turns dark. All Miyamoto needs to do is make areas which are so big and vast, you really need to work as fast as you can you reach treasure on the furthest part of the level if you want to make it back by nightfall. There were a number of times in Pikmin 2 when I spent so long breaking down gates, building bridges and taking out enemies in order to progress that I couldn't get the item I wanted in the same day.

  7. RedBearLuX Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 14:16

    I agree Pikmin 2 is the superior game, it's just a much better pace. I have to say maybe Miyamoto has it wrong this time, the pacing of Pikmin 1 was too much, I wanted to take my time a bit more. But even in Pikmin 2 you have to consider time, with night luring ever closer you have to think 'Ok I can get this item and this item, but that's going to have to be it.'

  8. WOLFENFTW Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 15:11

    Baker100 makes an excellent point. I think Pikmin 3 should have a longer time limit but more to do in it. for example collect 100 pieces in 100 days. then after the main story is complete, revisit these locations without a time limit for an extra story like in Pikmin 2, still keeping the end of day time limit.

    I hope people won't be put off from getting Pikmin 3 because of time limits, I still think it has loads of potential.

  9. Mr Roboto Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 16:00

    I've played both games and I do agree Pikmin 2 is the best out of the 2 games.

    I just hope Pikmin 3 offers some thing new instead of just HD graphics and a map on the gamepad :roll:

    Don't get me wrong I loved the first 2 games but I hope the general novelty of it hasn't worn off for me.

  10. PsychoPikmin Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 16:19

    Pikmin 2 was far superior to Pikmin 1.

    And not just because the sequel got rid of the limited number of days system - if that was brought back for Pikmin 3 I think it would be a terrible decision. Pikmin 2's lack of time limit meant that your expedition to this mysterious world had weight and meaning and felt like you had put great effort into it. I think on my longest save on Pikmin 2, I was at 200-something days - that's practically setting up a colony.

    Pikmin 1's focus on collecting particular parts before time ran out also might have forced players to think but it became a chore - it meant you had less time for exploration or finding caves and other treasures.

    Be careful Miyamoto. Be very careful.

  11. Mmmyeah Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 16:46

    I see most of the comments here are saying that they prefer Pikmin 2 to 1 by a long way, and a lot of this seems to be due to the time limit of the first game. But for me, the time limit was actually quite cool.

    I personally like a game to feel like a well rounded package with its own unique feel, and I think the time limit aided that. I didn't have any problem finishing the game fast enough to get the best ending and I felt that knowing there was a time limit made me plan out what I was going to do each day before I did it, which was part of the fun for me. While the time limit did give the game a shorter life than the second one I don't mind this either, I'm quite happy to play a short game, particularly if it high quality throughout and if I bought it for very little off eBay.

    I wasn't disappointed to see the time limit go though, not having it made Pikmin 2 feel quite different to the first one, so I was happy with the second game. But one thing I didn't like was the caves. I found them to be tedious compared to the vibrant, exciting surface. It didn't really improve the game for me, it just felt like filler. This didn't stop me from completing the game 100% though!

    Despite liking the time limit and disliking the caves I still definitely preferred the second game though, solely for the much improved pikmin AI. In the first game so many of my non blue pikmin drowned themselves and getting them safely across a bridge or up stairs was just frustrating. I know Miyamoto doesn't mean he is making the pikmin back into the imbeciles they were in the first game when he says he is going back to that, so I am quite intrigued as to what he means.

    Going on other peoples comments, maybe the time limit should be left out though. It seems a lot of people really don't want it, and I would be happy either way to be honest.

  12. Davebo Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 18:12

    If it's like Pikmin 1 but without the time limits i'll be really happy. Pikmin 2 was pretty much better in almost every way, but I just hated the caves. They were often not as interesting or pretty to look at than the overworlds, and I found them more stressful than the time limit. I got to a point where I would just leave the pikmin at the start, run around the whole level hitting everything to death by myself, then going back and picking everything up. And if you have the wrong pikmin? Welp, get ready to run through the whole thing again! Too bad caves is what you spent most of your time exploring in the second one then huh?

  13. Ymmot392 Sunday 6th Jan 2013 at 23:59

    Pikmin 1's focus on collecting particular parts before time ran out also might have forced players to think but it became a chore - it meant you had less time for exploration or finding caves and other treasures.

    I don't understand how people think that it's a "chore" to collect 1 part a day... It's so easy to do! And there is no way you can claim that there is "less exploring", because that is what you do through the entire game. Or at least what you should do. It takes exploration to even find the ship parts. Take about a quarter of the day to look around for ship parts. By that time, you should have found at least 2. Clear the enemies, and begin carrying the part. While your Pikmin are carrying the ship parts, why not use this time to explore even more? Once at least one part is collected, you should have a large portion of your day left to do whatever you please.

  14. Kirby8 Monday 7th Jan 2013 at 00:27

    I think I have to agree too. I love both games and will be excited for Pikmin 3 either way, but I do think it could do without the day limit. Unlimited number of days is much better as it means you can take your time exploring without fear of dying. But either way, I can't wait to play it. I played the demo at Eurogamer and wanted to keep playing...damn people queuing behind me wanting me to get off, bleh! Was a lot of fun!

  15. longjohndevine Monday 7th Jan 2013 at 12:37

    I think that the time limit in Pikmin was one of the main highlights, I was disappointed to see it go for the sequel.
    Although the new Pikmin and larger size of Pikmin 2 probably made it the superior entry in the franchise.

    News of the time limit returning has me excited.

    I would say younger gamers (Collette?) found it difficult, but if you plan your strategy you can finish Pikmin very quickly.
    It takes more than one playthrough to streamline your approach.
    I'm sure now that you are a bit older you will appreciate the time limit a bit more!!!

    What age was Colette when Pikmin came out, Im guessing quite young???

    I managed to finish it first time, with all the pieces... bang on the 30 day limit!!!
    I remember being so worried I wouldn't make it.

    Therein lies the challenge.

    It is a strategy game after all.

  16. LavaTwilight Monday 7th Jan 2013 at 17:31

    Interestingly, I only purchased the original Pikmin to unlock the bonus trophy you get in Super Smash Bros Melee. The effect was however, I would never be the same again! I went Pikmin mad and bought Pikmin 2 a few weeks after completing the first game, but on the first day of its release! I've loved Pikmin ever since and I've been waiting too long for the next game! I think I prefer the second one but purely out of size and content. I was disappointed actually that the time limit was removed, since it would fit the debt collection so perfectly, and is easily done within 30days anyway. Hopefully, the third one will quickly become my favourite instead :D

  17. Buffalo_K Monday 7th Jan 2013 at 18:26

    PIkmin was harder, fast-paced and had no boring holes from 2. Hated those dungeons, they were terribly boring for the most part, with no pretty environment to look at, and no music to listen to.

  18. LBDNytetrayn Monday 7th Jan 2013 at 22:11

    I don't see why it has to be one way or the other. Why not have different modes? Say, a Time Attack and a Story Mode? I think one or two other games out there have done something like that.

    Or difficulty levels. Easy = No Time Limit, Normal = Time Limit.

    It's really not that hard to please everyone with something like this here. Why settle for only half your fans when you can appease them all?

    Personally, I'm not a fan of time limits for reasons mentioned by others-- I don't see the point of encouraging exploration in games like Mario or Pikmin when you're just going to discourage it by rushing people to the end before an arbitrary time limit kicks them out anyway. Why not give Zelda a time limit (Majora's Mask notwithstanding), too, while you're at it? The games are so linear now, anyway, that could probably be implemented easily.

    Well, hopefully the time limit will be lenient, at least.

  19. KH81314 Thursday 10th Jan 2013 at 16:30

    Pikmin 2 was a better game because it was so much bigger than the first one. You also didn't have a day limit which I thought was enjoyable because in the first one it felt like you couldn't waste any time. Didn't like the caves though.

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