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Pokemon X and Y is an evolution rather than a reboot - Nintendo

Game Freak working hard to make games look slick and polished

The Pokemon Company has said that there wasn't a conscious decidion to reboot the Pokemon series with Pokemon X and Y. Despite being a 3D Pokemon adventure on a new platform, the company's International director of consumer marketing J.C. Smith has said that it is a natural evolution.

Speaking with Polygon, Smith said: "There's never been a conscious decision to reboot. There's always been an evolution of the look and feel; it just happens to be that we played Black and White, and Heart Gold and Soul Silver, and Diamond and Pearl, and Platinum - all of those games on the same platform.

"So it feels like it's been a long time in the same way. But between the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color, and moving up into the DS now, it's always had that change."

Just because Pokemon X and Y shouldn't be considered to be a reboot, it doesn't mean that it won't look great. Smith added that the new Pokemon adventures look fantastic even at this early stage of development.

"Obviously, Game Freak wanted to make sure that when they created this new universe on the 3DS, that it looked fantastic; both in the polygonal style and also when people are able to see the 3D effects as well. It's really exciting to see the Pokemon come to life a little more. They're always working hard to make sure the games are as slick and polished as possible."

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