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5 games to keep you busy until Pokemon X and Y

Can't wait until October? Marti Bennett chooses five games that Pokemon fans might enjoy on 3DS

Good news everyone! There's only just over nine months until Pokemon X and Y are released! What do you mean that's a long time to wait? Well yes, I guess you're right. I guess knowing a release date so far in advance does mean we have a painful wait.

Here are some of the games I'll be playing to satisfy the Pokemon sized itch until X and Y are released.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

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The latest Pokemon spin-off game brings back the random dungeon exploring of the Mystery Dungeon series, this time on 3DS. Yes, you are once again a human that has turned into a Pokemon (either Snivy, Tpig, Oshawott, Pikachu, or Axew) and you need to make your way through randomly generated dungeons befriending Pokemon. There are also multiplayer modes, and downloadable content to extend your adventure.

Okay, it hasn't been confirmed for a European release yet but it is coming to the US in March and considering all the Mystery Dungeon games have been released in the UK, you'd have to hope that this 3DS game would come to Europe. I wasn't a huge fan of past dungeon games, but it looks beautiful on 3DS. A small step towards our next 3D Pokemon adventure.

Freakyforms Deluxe

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I didn't get around to buying Freakyforms Deluxe when it was released last year, but I was lucky enough to be able to select it as my free downloadable game as part of the 3DS XL promotion. Not only do I enjoy making my own creations but I like the challenge of creating Pokemon in the game. I've not unlocked that much yet but I have already made several Pokemon to adventure with. My most recent edition is the new X and Y grass starter, Chespin.

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