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LEGO City Undercover: 'It will take 10 minutes to drive a loop of the city'

Travellers Tales tell ONM more about their new LEGO Wii U game

The city in LEGO City Undercover is so big it would take ten minutes just to drive around the edge of it. That's the word from executive producer Loz Doyle who told ONM more about the forthcoming Wii U game for a special feature which appears in ONM 91.

LEGO City Undercover takes place in a GTA-style open world and puts you in the shoes of undercover cop Chase McCain who has to drive around the city in a bid to put a stop to Rex Fury's crime wave. You have to don many disguises to find out how Rex escaped from Albatross Island prison before finding him and making the city a peaceful place again.

As Doyle told ONM, exploring this city will take some time. "It would take 10 minutes just to drive a loop of the city. That doesn't even include exploring all the side roads and other regions. Not only is there the ground level city to explore but you can also get up on the rooftops where there is a whole load of additional gameplay."

The City itself is a mixture of New York and San Francisco, complete with its own versions of Times Square, the Statue Of Liberty, The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz (Albatross Island).

You can read more about LEGO City Undercover in the new issue of Official Nintendo Magazine which is out now.

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