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Zelda Wii U to rethink conventions of Zelda - will it be multiplayer?

Aonuma drops hints about all-new Zelda Wii U game

Eiji Aonuma has once again promised that the new Zelda Wii U game will rethink the conventions of Zelda.

Back in December 2011, Aonuma said that the new Zelda Wii U game would challenge conventions and he reiterated this mission statement during Nintendo Direct this afternoon.

Before announcing Zelda: Wind Waker Wii U, Aonuma said: "Our mission in developing this new Zelda game for Wii U is quite plainly to re-think the conventions of Zelda. I'm referring to the expectation that the player is supposed to complete dungeons in a certain order, or that you're supposed to play by yourself. The things we've come to take for granted recently.

"We want to set aside these conventions, get back to basics and create a newborn Zelda so that the players can best enjoy the real essence of the franchise."

He admitted that Nintendo hadn't managed to achieve this goal with Skyward Sword. "We had actually worked on this kind of challenge with Skyward Sword, but we weren't able to put effort into changing the linear path structure of the game."

Aonuma added: "I hope to be able to talk to you in more detail about how it will change after I see it come together a bit more."

So what do you think the new Zelda Wii U game will be like?

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