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ZombiU writer would have liked more melee weapons in the Wii U game

"Give me a halberd to keep those zombies back!"

Gabrielle Shrager, lead writer for ZombiU, has been talking about the things she'd change in the Wii U survival horror game.

Speaking with Game Informer, Shrager said that the team would have liked to include more melee weapons to go alongside the cricket bat.

"More melee weapons would be one of the first things on our list. Give me a halberd to keep those zombies back! The pickings in the Tower of London's armory would feel like Christmas!"

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She also defended the cricket bat, which was criticised by some reviewers complained that killing zombies with the melee weapons became a chore.

"The cricket bat was designed to be used almost as a last resort, significant because it's such a violent assault on your senses," added Shrager. "Players quickly learn that it won't save their bacon against more than one zombie at a time (either the hard way, or by listening to the Prepper). Some players depend on it entirely instead of scavenging for ammo and new gear, and these players deserve a richer melee experience."

Did you enjoy ZombiU? Is there anything that you would have changed about it?

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  1. vix_chan Monday 28th Jan 2013 at 10:08

    I almost always use the cricket bat. Firing you weapon just alerts more zombies to your location, so I do that as little as possible.

  2. franksello Monday 28th Jan 2013 at 10:17

    I can understand some of the frustrations around the cricket bat requiring upwards of four hits to take down a zombie, especially if you are used to recent zombie games where it is easier to lop off limbs than it is cutting through butter.

    However taking so many hits to cave in the brains of a zombie, is… well far more realistic (used in the loosest of terms ) If you play Zombiu expecting Call of Zombies then it may seem a chore taking so long to dispense of one foe, however for a true survival horror title like this I think it is a great system; more than two zombies and you’re in trouble. My only criticism with the cricket bat is that the controls feel somewhat unnatural until you get used to timing your shots.

    As for a sequel, more zombies, a larger variety of areas, less sewers, or possibly a more open world less linear structure to the game play. Having said that (and being a lover of zombies) Zombiu is better than I imaged it would be, and really nails the survival horror that resident evil used to be loved for before it went all action.

  3. LOZ_01 Monday 28th Jan 2013 at 10:40

    I almost always use the cricket bat. Firing you weapon just alerts more zombies to your location, so I do that as little as possible.

    Same here. In fact I've only fired my pistol once and that was for a zombie who hadn't woke up yet and was in a place I couldn't reach. Otherwise it's cricket bat all the way! I'm sure I'll need the ammo Lata
    tho 8)

  4. jaco_p Monday 28th Jan 2013 at 15:22

    The game forces you to use the cricket bat A LOT if not exclusively. I loved this game

  5. MistaChristopher Monday 28th Jan 2013 at 19:07

    More melee weapons would've been great, Knives, Machetes, as well as other things like Crossbows or what not.

  6. noobgamer9 Monday 28th Jan 2013 at 19:24

    Why not just add more melee weapons through spotpass/dlc?
    Hoping to get ZombiU for my 18th this year

  7. Alex Filipowski Friday 15th Mar 2013 at 09:29

    I can understand the idea behind the cricket bat, but melee combat in this game doesn't feel very fun to me. In comparison with Dead Island, there are hundreds of different weapons and zombies react realistically and fall to the floor when hit. In this game it takes quite a few hits to kill the zombies and after each hit they get pushed back. The rest of the game is amazing however, just a shame that it was let down by really unforgiving melee combat.

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