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Brain Training 3DS release date put back to April

Devilish Brain Training slips a month

The Brain Training 3DS UK release date has been delayed by a month. Originally schedule for released on 8 March, Dr Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training: Can you stay focused? will now be available from 12 April.

Developed in cooperation with neuroscientist Dr Ryuta Kawashima, Devilish Brain Training is the first game in the series to be released for 3DS. Following on from DS titles Brain Training and More Brain Training, the emphasis is placed on concentration skills and focus as you aim to train your working memory - an important brain function based around the temporary storage of information for manipulation - by completing a series of challenges.

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Through playing each exercise for a few minutes per day over the course of several weeks, Nintendo say that you will have the time to notice whether personal improvements in your focus are being made.

Devilish Brain Training features 30 exercises and minigames, including some old favourites and 18 all-new challenges. Devilish Calculations challenges you to recall the answer to a previous mathematical problem while paying attention to the next one in line while Devilish Mice has you simultaneously tracking the path of several mice while they are being chased by cats.

One interesting thing about Brain Training 3DS is the way it adjusts the difficulty based on your real-time results.

Dr Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused will be available in the shops and you will also be able to download it from the 3DS eShop.


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  1. abovethewell Wednesday 30th Jan 2013 at 20:30

    To be perfectly honest, I'm not really looking forward to this game. There has been little to no hype for it and it is a 'casual' game, on a system which, due to price range and games range, unlike it's predecessor, does not have a large casual fanbase. That said, it could be interesting, as the activities seem to differ quite a lot from the previous two games.

  2. fisher2007 Wednesday 30th Jan 2013 at 21:51

    To be perfectly honest, I'm not really looking forward to this game because it's a casual' game.

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