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Real Heroes Firefighter 3D review

I need a hero/I'm holding out for a hero with a massive great hose

This port of a 2009 Wii curio casts you as a rookie fireman, learning the ropes and helping your team tackle all manner of ridiculously over-the-top blazes.

Explored from a first-person viewpoint it has you using hoses, extinguishers, axes and crowbars to douse flames, rescue trapped citizens and smash into blocked areas. There's a lack of distressed cat-in-tree action, but what can you do?

With decent voice acting, it often feels like you've stumbled into a cheesy 80's Hollywood film, full of suitably melodramatic set pieces. But while we were pleasantly surprised by it on Wii, the 3DS version isn't the best port we've played.

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Visually, it's nearly identical to its console brother. The framerate slows once it starts moving, resulting in chugging gameplay and jerky animations. The stylus controls for turning aren't sensitive enough and can't be tweaked in the options. At times, turning is so slow that you feel like you're controlling a fire engine, rather than a fireman.

It's a shame, because we really like what Real Heroes: Firefighter tries to do and if you can put up with the annoyances it's still a quirky little gem. It just that too often it feels like you're fighting the game as much as the fires.

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